Duck, Erra Burd

Had a thing this evening, a site visit to the old Esso terminal at Dunglass with the Community Council, very interesting indeed and I’ll have photies of that coming up.
It was late after it, we had stuff to do, so it was to be a junk food picnic by the river, always a good way to spend an hour.
But, while wandering behind the old shipyards by the Leven the gulls took exception to my presence and started dive bombing and straffing me while shrieking alarmingly, luckily the girls had gone on the other side of the trees, and more luckily I had the camera.
Hard to catch at all and impossible to get the gul in focus, but having this shot will give me a reference point for the therapist if I wake up screaming every night with the yellowbeak night terrors.

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