I realised during the week that’s it’s coming up for ten years since I bought Driver. Ranking alongside Syphon Filter, Silent Hill, Resident Evil 2 and Colin McRae 2.0 as my favourite games for the original Playstation.
I’d always hankered after a copy of the soundtrack, and thanks to the wonderful world of geeks, such things are findable now, especially on YouTube. It’s a 70’s funk-a-rama and always brought me much joy, especially when it was competing with the on-screen siren and distressed engine sounds in some RSI inducing chase or other.
The game itself was all the best cop movie chases rolled into one, and as such you had the thrill of throwing your thinly disguised to avoid paying royalties muscle car around four American cities avoiding both bad guys and cops. You’re undercover you see.
Seeing it now, it’s like looking at a Lego sculpture. Ah, how our eyes have grown used to the smoothness of today’s games.
Still, I really miss that era of gaming.

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  1. This take me back.

    The ZX Spectrum was were I discovered I had an addictive personality.I could quite easily play games to 2 am every day.
    Since then I avoided PC’s and such until very recently so I missed the Playstation revolution.Blocks were where it was at with the Spectrum,looking back now it’s hard to understand why it was so popular,don’t even talk about the music.

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