Driven to distraction (in a van)

Tonight, I had planned to unwrap the Terra Nova Laser Photon Elite that’s just arrived for test and see what it’s all about, but Phil and I decided it was way better to head to the Arrochar Alps and bike some trails. We’ve maybe five weeks ’til the WHW*Falldoon  (that’s what it’s called, aye…) so we have to plant arse on saddle at every opportunity.
Having stuff like this to ride and explore on foot so close to home is just bloody marvellous. I will never tire of it.
We rode the same route we walked a few months back, and that doesn’t mean it’s at all lame. The start is climbing, hundreds of metres of it, which I actually fared pretty well on, getting right to the top before popping a lung out. The return is on very rough singletrack with some hairy descents where Phil left me like I was standing still. New bike, old head, something I need to work on!
The views of cloud capped Alps were as fine as ever, Beinn Vane always looks like a rugged wonder, amountain of greater stature than its lowly height would suggest. Ben Lomond sits across the road and looks on like it’s the Grandpa, and it kinda is.
It was a great evening, some rain, some wind, but we pushed all the way and got back to the motor very pleased and very mocket indeed.
Ach, I’ll unwrap the Photon tomorrow. I’ll tell you though, it’s awfy light…

7 thoughts on “Driven to distraction (in a van)”

  1. I was half thinking about walking there in the opposite direction this weekend as I enjoyed it so much the last time, might have to wait until that big puddle disappears…or maybe not,what’s the worst that could happen :))

  2. It’s avoidable! There’s a wee bridge just be behind where I was crouching with the camera.
    All the burns are raging with water, it was really nice in there today. Always worth a visit :o)

  3. First post Pete,
    Great site, do you use a mini tripod for the night camping / solo shots, or just a handy rock wrapped in a wooley hat or something. Look forward to read about the new Photon, even though Ive just got me a Hubba HP.

  4. Hi Hendo, Cheers!

    I do use a tripod a lot these days, but some of the time I can’t be arsed unpacking it and for long exposures I’ll balance the camera on a rock or whatever.
    For night stuff using the timer to avoid shoogling the camera whne pressing the shutter button has proved vital. took me ages to find that one out…

    The Hubba HP is a killer tent, you won’t be sorry. Definitely more headroom than the Photon!

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