Drilling for ow!

I’ve been clock watching for the past week or so, that and chewing on the right hand side of my mouth, and carefully at that. But an hour in the reclining chair with two people in my mouth yesterday and the tooth now has a very different demeanor.

The temporary fix of a week ago did very well, discomfort was negligable, now I fell like my jaw’s been run over by Holly on her scooter but as least the work now done is of a more permanent nature. My dentist is very good and telling you what’s going on whch I like, even though his measurements are all metric, “We’re down 21mm inside the back root and about 18mm at the front, let’s see if I can widen it and get down a little more…”. Thank Jimmy he knows what he’s doing.
I liked when he put pins into the roots to take an X-ray top see if the excavation’s were alright, it’s all so slick and practical, engineering with my jaw in the middle of it.

At the start, the second injection made me jump out of the chair, to which he said “Ah, where did that sensation go?” My reply that it ran round all my lower left teeth wearing electrified crampons was good news apparently, right on the nerve. Aye, I got cramps in my face that made my eye twitch and I sweated like like a man tied to a post in front a firing squad, but there was no pain in the tooth area during the procedure, so the needle had indeed hit spot.

Today is okay, lets see what happens over the next couple of days, a recation is to be expected apparently as the body tries to reject the newly stuffed and mounted former proper tooth. Can’t wait ’til next week, I can get on with something, jeez, anything else.

Oh, Metcheck is dangling a carrot or two. Usually a five days ahead forecast is pure fantasy, but what the hell, I’m due a wee break.

7 thoughts on “Drilling for ow!”

  1. Ouch. I had a lower wisdom tooth out last week. Fangsnatcher didn’t even give me a jab beforehand… (admittedly it was a lot wobbly).

    Most painful bit (bill apart) was listening to the descriptions of what he’d found, and staying away from a beer afterwards.

    Love the picture: Headache post, temper screw…

  2. Ah yeah, I had similar experience wednesday. Big back tooth needed root filling and I wasn’t looking forward to it one little bit. Didn’t feel a thing after the anesthetic jab tho, and my roots are longer than yours! :-) 24+3mm she couldn’t get to as well as she’d like because it curled right at the end, and the other I think was nearly 30mm which she measured loads of time as she didn’t believe it. Made an executive decision for her to do the best she can and cross-fingers rather than refer me elsewhere with more stress, fear and peoples fingers in my mouth. I bloody hate dentistry.

    Hmmm, weather whether. I’m hoping the butterflies in Japan will see fit to deliver nice weather end of sept/first week in oct in the ‘gorms. And my foot will allow me more than one good walk.

  3. Nothing quite like dental work, it all feels so personal somehow.

    I’m about to chew a tattie scone on the left side for the first time in weeks, Loch Sloy… !

    It’s a Macfarlane thing.

  4. Going myself to day for the first time in nearly 3 years. Nowt wrong but don’t want to get struck off as you can’t get back on an NHS one ever, allegedly, round here.

  5. Good to keep on top of it anyway, maybe catching something you can’t feel yet.
    Leaving tooth niggles just costs me money and pain.

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