Done and Dusted, Optimus and Dale.

My exams are done. Passed 100%. That’s not trying to be gallus, you have to get that mark or you don’t pass. And I did have to have two goes at a couple of questions over the last couple of days. You can tell the people who write the questions aren’t engineers, what with their fancy big city talking and modern ways of mangling the language and creating questions that read like a free online translation of an ancient Japanese text.

So, that’s me for another five years. But I’m looking at expanding into other areas: solar; mini domestic wind turbines. So there may be more reading and writing to be done.

Now my mind is free and turns back to the WHW and the lack of a definite kitlist. The good news is that the bulk of the Optimus test kit has arrived, and it’s really rather natty. I’m going to try it out over the weekend and decide what to take with me on the bigger walk next weekend. The folding spork makes me smile evey time I pick it up and show it to whoever is within earshot (eyeshot?). They don’t understand, that haven’t had to hunt for their normal spork in the dark at the bottom of their rucksack and failed, then had to eat their dinner with a flat rock and twig and cried themselves to sleep with the shame of it like we have.

Also a splendid outfit from Dale of Norway is going out for a spin. Merino leggings and zip neck long sleeve. The top is navy blue with ice blue sleeves, I nearly cried with joy when I took it out of the box. It’s either a Space 1999 jumper or a 70’s olympic track suit top. I love it.

But first, some sitting down is in order.

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  1. Hello. Check out finisterre’s new merino tops at an incredible £25. Got mine yesterday and it’s magic. These surfers know their stuff and are adopting the Patagonia template to success. Great guys, with great gear!
    Got my Montane Quick-Fire by the way, it looks brilliant can’t wait to try it out on Stuc A’Chroin tomorrow. love this lightweight stuff…

  2. Congrats on the exam results.Had to sit a health and safety exam for work recently and the questions were the same,worded in a way that was almost incomprehensible,designed so that you answer in a way that THEY want to hear,which is not necessarily the correct answer!
    Wind turbines eh?…sounds interesting,keep us posted.

    Now a question for ya…I’ve noticed that on some boots the little metal tag which usually says ‘Gore-tex’ is replaced with one that looks identical but says ‘waterproof’.Any idea what this mysterious ‘waterproof’ material is?

  3. The renewables are getting far more regulated and reliable. Training is getting easier to find, so it’ll be good move.

    The wee tag there is good one isn’t it. It’s sometimes a well known name like Entrant who supply the membrane at a lower cost and they maybe don’t stipulate a construction technique that shows the waterproof fabric in it’s best light, so they make a sale without worrying about public perception.

    The first LaSportiva Nepal Extreme had a PTFE liner which was rumoured to be Gore Tex, not the regular stuff but the better more breathable version used in bivvy bags. Not mentioned anywhere in print, but there is a membrane in the boot.

    Another favourite is synthetic insulation, an unfamiliar name could well be unbranded Primaloft. Again sold cheaper as there’s a cache in using the name on your product, or to avoid a license infringment in another country.

    So, “own brand” might not be a cheap and nasty way to go :o)

  4. Yeah,my merrell thermo 6’s has that little tag,whatever material is it works well enough,not gotten wet feet yet.The soles of these boots are a little bit suspect on slippy rock though,they stick like shit to a blanket on dry or snowy ground and perform surprisingly well in the mud.

  5. The Keens are current favourites, I wore them on the training run on Monday, My feet we kinda warm though.

    I was trying on Merrels last week, Moab Mids I think. I liked the look of them. My mate said as much about the soles as you, brilliant in most situations. Most stuff is lioke that I think, you learn to cope with the quirks.

  6. Good one on passing your exams. It’s always hard to be tested on your trade, especially after years of practice.
    I do wonder how many electricians would pass the new 17th edition regs (or whatever they are called), if they had to get 100%?

    Renewables are interesting, and are going to get bigger in the future, so your on to a good thing by getting in now. Solar is good for heating, especially if you use wax based heat stores, but not really there for generation of electricity. My personal favourite is heat pumps, especially when your are able to utilise water as the source. Grab all that lovley latent heat, and you get 3-5kw of heat for 1kw in. Nice.

  7. We’ve done some heat pump work, way back before it became popular. As you say works a treat.

    It’ll be good to see where all the technology goes as increased sales hopefully helps to fund research.

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