Dog Buff in Action!

Buff burst through the door just a wee while back, and as a dog-less individual I enlisted some assistance in testing the Dog Buff in the shape of Toastie and owner Rachel Shipley.
Rachel is the Access Officer for Inverclyde Council, and is out there with Toastie making and keeping paths open and tackling ne’erdowell landowners who would have as all as serfs in a fenced compound.

Toastie took to the Buff well and didn’t try to scratch it back off, and as you can see in the photies, the stance is more than just a little gallus.
Rachel said that the reflective strips works well, “…handy when you’ve got a dog so well camouflaged against autumn leaves!”. As you can see, Rachel’s got a good point. I for-see a future for Toastie as an assassin or at least as a water bailiff lying in wait for sneaky salmon stealers.

Maybe dugs won’t appreaciate a Buff on the same aesthetic and performace level as us lot on two legs, but from an owners point of view, as a location beacon on the street or in the wilds with that reflective strip, it looks like a winner.
It looks like a good unrestrictive collar, and when the frost appears I can see it as a great dug ear-warmer too.
Aye, why should people be the only ones who get to dress up to go out and play.

7 thoughts on “Dog Buff in Action!”

  1. I know nothing of the world of dogs, so I shall enquire about the tail…

    I like the idea of ned dugs wanting Burberry, or Buffs with huge sportswear logos in navy blue and white. Do dugs have peer groups like that? Goth dugs an’ that?
    I’ll be thinking about this all night now.

    I’ll tell you, there’ll be plenty dugs getting one of these in the Christmas stockings this year.

  2. The dug’s tail does have a story it turns out. Toastie was a rescue dug, by that I mean he came from the SSPCA who rescued him from bad folk who had taken his tail off.
    So there you go, a happy ending with a good home and a Buff.

  3. Ok , talked the missus out of getting the goth dog a wee tartan jacket, a kash red buff has been ordered,the reflective strip was the tie breaker.Cheers.

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