Doctor Who and The Daleks

Holly loves Doctor Who. How this came about we’re not too sure, but add to that, that she asks to hear Hampstien (Rammstein, her current favourite is Sonne from Mutter) when she’s in Dad’s car and Joycee is increasingly shaking her head at the pair of us comparing notes on our shared hobbies.
There is an another element to this, I don’t have to buy anything, my folks still have a loft full of my old Daleks, Cybermen and more that I can bring out one at a time and maintain the ideal position as the girl’s hero.
Best thing I’ve ever seen in my life? Holly putting out a bowl of cereal for K9. That’s my girl.

17 thoughts on “Doctor Who and The Daleks”

  1. Bring back the Sea Devils, everything else has reappeared. They where terryfing as a kid in the 70’s i had nightmares about em.

  2. There’s a Sea Devil on here somewhere, I bought one of the wee figures :o)
    Cracking monsters, 70’s Doctor Who made me the man I am today!

  3. I particularly liked the glowing green maggots down a Welsh coal mine….

    …. ah, they couldn’t plausibly reappear could they – no Welsh coal mines! ;O)

  4. Ahh – Doctor Who!

    Gosh, I had most of the books, Terrence Dick/s (?) was my fave by miles. Used to head to the supermarket in Alloa and try to get the Doctor cards out of unopened Weetabix packets without my dad seeing me, I’d have got a right good hiding haha. Then home and cut open the box to make a Tardis or some such.
    That and Action Man got me through the seventies… oh, and Subbuteo!

    Went to Port Merion over New Year and in the shop there they have a DaleK model from the 70s, a big thing, in a dusty box for £25… really wanted it but couldn’t quite justify it!

  5. Currently in a holiday cottage 1 mile from Port Meirion – no dalek that I could see :-(
    With you all the way on Action Man and Subbuteo!
    Sea Devils – cracking base layers I seem to recall…

  6. Action man is on here somewhere as well, in his mountain outfit of course.

    But even better is my Weetabix Sea Devil in his ultra breathable string vest :o)

    Chewy, if you get a set, as lovely as they are they’re smaller that you remember!

  7. He’s wearing a slightly oversized polartec powerdry base layer and carrying an early petzl zoom, oh and he does look a bit dehydrated, lol

  8. The Dalek is in the seconds pottery shop, to the left as you go in the toy area!

    Everything is smaller than I remember… except my belly :-(

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