Do Do Do Dooooh, Do Do Do Dooooh…

Like Dr David Banner I’m hitting the road in the hope that I can find a cure for my beast within. After doing that I may or may not be fit enough to do a wee bit of racing.
In some ways I’m reversing into a parking space that’s already got a car in it.
Ah what the hell.

9 thoughts on “Do Do Do Dooooh, Do Do Do Dooooh…”

  1. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting out the door and getting the car going, after that its autopilot and the rest is easy. Enjoy.

  2. Haglofs should have called their stuff Hulk green instead of Budgie green far better sounding to me. Remember the hardest distance is from your settee to your trainers ;)

  3. Dunno – the stories never seemed to feature him bursting out of his pants!! :O)

    (whatever colour they were…)

  4. I’m torn I really am………between looking at the MWIS forecast (fairly horrendous) & just getting out there. The wimp in me won BUT you appear to have had a nice wee spell of pretty good (perhaps) weather. Where were/are you at?

    Mind you time not wasted. Re your earlier post I’ve now sorted out the various first aid kits. Thrown out all the Boer war bandages & wound dressings & stuck in the latest Boots offerings.

    Anyone willing to give me a kick out the door;) How do you spell behoochie anyway?

  5. Fisherfield was patchy, I did have showers both days (it’ll make sense when I write it up) but it all worked fine, I got the shots I needed inbetween the cloudy bits!

    I watch the weather all the time, I prefer to go when it’s nice. There’s a lot of bravado out there about heading out in all weathers, and while walking through the rain with your hood up is brilliant fun, sheltering in the tent all night when you could be wandering around under a clear sky and stars is much more fun.

    Good call on the medical kit, I still have some of the contents of mine on my feet from Saturday…

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