Disnae on Ice

I always wonder of folk outside of Glasgow get my misspelling of Disney? Anyway, were at Disney on Ice last night. Holly, her two pals, the three mums, Holly’s granny and er, me.
I didn’t know quite what to expect, other than the gauntlet of merchandising on the way to our seats, but it’s a brilliant show. It’s slick, pretty well performed my most and exceptionally performed by a few. Tinkerbell was excellent and a crowd favourite, but for me Captain Hook (photie stolen from the promoters website, I wish I’d taken my camera) stole the show. Whoever was in the costume was on top form with effortless skating which gave them time and space to properly bring life to the character with lovely movement and they even managed to articulate through a full-face mask so that they seemed to be actually speaking the pre-recorded words. Just fantastic, could have watching him or her for hours. Hey, there were lots of girls with stuck-on beards playing pirates, so who’s to say.
Lots of great props, a giant crocodile, a giant Ursula from The little Mermaid, flying characters, a spaceship with skating aliens and some poor sod skating on all fours as that warthog thing from the Lion King.

A highly recommended two hours of entertainment, being a dad certainly exposes you to the unexpected. Also, our tickets were £13 each and were in a great spot, pays to search for returned kids groups etc through agencies.

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