Disfunction is our Function

I think Yahoo mail is taking the piss. I suppose it could be something to do with accessing it regularly on my phone these days and giving it mixed messages regarding our relationship, but it’s taken matters into its own hands too many times for me to really trust it now. It’s randomly deleting emails.
I thought I was getting sloppy at first, relocating mail into random folders, but then when I couldn’t find it in a search, I got suspicious. One morning I got two important work emails, by lunchtime they were gone forever and I had to reply to them from memory. Which can either be pin sharp or like a bag of lego emptied onto a 70’s patterned curtain depending on my mood.
I changed my password in case I had a phantom evil twin toying with my mind, hoping to push me over the edge. Stupid bastard, doesn’t he know how close I am anyway? But it still kept happening, there was one about merino beanies that I wanted to deal with when I went home and by the time I got there it was gone.
I was presented with the theory that if I delete say, four emails on my phone, Yahoo takes those four deletes and decides what to do with them later, a bit like a child who spends their dinner money at the arcade instead of school dinners.
I dunno, is Yahoo that clever? I’ve read some of their reporting, so unlikely.
I’ve got a google mail account, but I don’t like it as it’s so damned po-faced looking, plus the fact that google are fascists, so I don’t want to use that as my #1. So I’m stuck with it, and folks seem to accept I’m pish at comms anyway, so I dare say no one is any the wiser.
The Erskine Bridge expressed no opinion when we visited it last week. I took some photies while Joycee ate a plate of mince and tatties in the car and Holly made chocolate crispies in the church hall round the corner.

2 thoughts on “Disfunction is our Function”

  1. new zealands biggest ISP uses yahoo mail for its clients..
    tens of thousands of accounts were hacked. yahoo reset the passwords on all the accounts without warning…. the ISP had no control…. businesses as well as personal emails were cut off for the day…

  2. They changed their regular mail to the same format as their mobile mail and its never been the same since.
    Well done them.

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