Dirty Girl Gaiters

There’s things you just have to have. Even the website makes you smile. The product is clever and well, look at them. How could you not want mini gaiters that come with purple flames on them? Even the packaging with its home made/garage style endears you to Xy Weiss, the sewer of these items.

But they will have to work once the novelty wears off, so what have we got? Lycra trail shoe gaiters to thwart ingress of grit, crap, stones, pine needles and other rogue elements. Not waterproof of course, because that would be pointless. They’ve got a lace hook the right way, that is, reversed to go under the lace. They attach at the back with a velcro patch. One half is sewn into the gaiter and there’s enough length of the other half supplied to do about three pairs of shoes, or for repairs if you lose your patch from your favourite shoes. No zip, you you put them on before your shoes and they weigh nothing.

I know I’m going to destroy them, just how long that’ll take me will be the interesting part.

11 thoughts on “Dirty Girl Gaiters”

  1. C’mon, lets see a photie with some green Haglofs gear and some of the pink/orange trainers you’ve been testing recently.

  2. I always feel self concious on the hill in my fluro montane windproof. I wanted to have the fluro one for road running and a sensible colour for the hill but the missus put her foot down!

    If I see Pete on the hill I shall fade into the background now I think!! lol

  3. I’m on their website the now, so many ways to look silly! I ‘m very tempted with the “lime gatorade hurl” or the “glowstick”

    I cant see these working on the something like the Crosslites though with that lace cover on the shoe?

    I asked about a few places today aafter the Crosslite’s seems theyre kind of rare just now but I see them a few places online. I’m waiting on a pair of TNF coopers hill to try on though at 315grams each. They come in Habanero Orange ;o)

  4. Those TNFs look cool. Some of their Flight series kit looks good as well and nobody ever stocks it.

    True enough they won’t work with that lace cover on the Crosslites. I have been poised with the scissors a couple of times to cut it of and see what’s underneath. Because, how the hell do you replace the laces?

  5. The Dirtygirl gaiters are indeed a smile inducing piece of kit,had mine for a week or so now and love ’em,no fuss,simple and easy to fit,you dont even know you are wearing ’em…and they work perfectly with my XT wings.
    The ‘dead f-ing last’ pattern on mine is great,demonic grinning skulls with evil orange eyes,great stuff.
    Alow more time for your journey when wearing these though,everyone wants to know what the hell they are and wear you get ’em from!
    At $14 shipped from the U.S. is mighty cheap too,gonna send for another pair in an equally lairy pattern…oh yeah!

  6. Purple eh?

    Does this mean it’s safe to wear my purple TNF Expidition Systems Jacket again in public?

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