Dirty Girl Gaiters

Xy Weiss gave me a shout recently, “Your gaiters must be shredded, I’ll send you some new ones”. And that was some smart thinking, because upon inspection my old purple-flame pair were indeed looking a little tired.
So here we have two new pairs of Dirty Girl Gaiters to get me through another summer on the trails without getting crap in my shoes.

These are genius. Simple weightless spandex cuffs that clip into your laces at the front and stick to your shoe at the back. How do they stick? There’s some Velcro for you to attach to your heels (enough for three pairs if you’re careful). They keep out dirt, mud, bits of heather, wee beasties and snakes, probably.
They are available in every colour and pattern you can think of, are $22 including shipping to the UK and will brighten your day when you sit down at camp and remember that you’re wearing psychedelic spats.


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