Dipping a toe

I had a quick dash into the hills this afternoon to get some gear photies. Part of my get-up were the mesh-uppered Montrail Streaks (brilliant shoes, I’ll do an update soon. Ish).
I’m striding uphill and I had the unexpected and strangest, yet so familiar sensation of cold water rushing into my shoe when I was crossing some bog. Months of wearing waterproof mids and the like seems to have stopped me looking where I was going. But it wasn’t unpleasant, after a couple of paces the temperature evens out and good socks and shoes mean there was no rubbing or whining. Lucky that, I was to repeat the same incident several times.

Anyway, the whole affair felt like “not winter”. Looks like I’ll be back in shoes more and more again.

7 thoughts on “Dipping a toe”

  1. Same thing happened to me last week, my first foray into the hills for about four months without waterproof footwear. I experienced that same seepage sensation with fresh ice melt. I’m back to waterproof shoes and short gaiters for a few more weeks!

  2. Yep, same here at the weekend there, I was back in my TNF Coopers hill’s…..I really need to sort aout a replacement before I wear em out.

    I’ll be back in my mantas this weekend though for the OM winter skills! WOO HOO!

  3. My wifes old Trespass waterproof waking boots died last week, I thought it was time she tried shoes (she’s never particularly liked above ankle footwear) Ended up with some Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultras and she absolutely loves them, legs get tired but her feet feel great. They’ll get a lot more use than walking boots would, so they should be good value for money, and I think the comfort will offset the occasional wet foot experience.

  4. I went early morning trail running in my straight from the post office Innov8 Flyroc 310s, wet socks but what the hell. I’m awaiting the new Salomon XA’s I ordered, had them with a gore liner, and most importantly they’re orange :-)
    It’s one advantage, of the warmer months coming, lighter clothing, lighter footwear and less in the pack. Now when is the latest Haglofs Intense in the shops?

  5. Hi Pete
    Have you used trail running shoes from any of the, running brands?

    I have only used Salomon and Inov8 so far but the Mizuno and NB shoes look interesting.

  6. I have to agree on all the XA business, still the best fitting trail shoes I have and my first choice for most stuff when it’s not boggy horror or raining.

    sbrt, I got some shoes in last year from New Balance and I quite liked them. I don’t think I’ve done an update yet, but I really like the “MDS” models. Not so good for running as they’re quite beefy, but great for general hill use.

    The non outdoor brands are just as valid when it come to footwear. Fit is everything and most running shops will have Inov8 and Salomon next to Asics and Mizuno so you can get the right fit and then start to look at the sole to see if it’ll keep you upright!

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