Diesel power

Mechanical cross section as art?

This a section of a Napier Deltic diesel engine. They were originally in Navy torpedo boats and lattery as a pair in the Deltic or Class 55 diesel-electric railway locomotives which ran on British Railways until the early 80s. At it’s intoduction, the most powerful locomotive in the world.

I love the drawing, the detail. It looks too complicated to build or maintain, yet it’s obsolete technology.

Aye, we were good once.

2 thoughts on “Diesel power”

  1. It’s amazing to me that such things were done by hand. It’s impressive enough when they’re built up as computer model.

    Having spent some time in a former life as a garden designer I know just how hard drawing something like that must have been.

    I love drawings like that – I’ve probably spent hours in total looking at those hand drawn, wire-frame pictures on the front of Haynes Manuals!

  2. Aye, there’s something organic about the drawings. I think taking the draughtsman away from his board and onto a computer has changed the way things are designed, technically of course but also aesthetically.

    I just can’t see the Spitfire or the Forth Rail Bridge coming out of a PC.

    That may be the Luddite within me coming out of course.

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