Did I turn the gas off… ?

I’m away, just in time for the weather to smack me in the coupon. In fact, looking out of the window I can see a front grinding off the Atlantic towards me like a roll of lino unfurling towards a panicing woodlouse who’s wishing he hadn’t decided to explore the bare floorboards today.

Anyway, new people and familiar hills with familiar people and a little bit of track I’ve never walked for the rest of the week.
Let’s see, shoes, toothbrush, wallet, my best made by BBC Scotland for UK broadcast accent (that’s a Kelvinside accent for you locals, Balamory for you not locals) to save time repeating myself, Irn Bru, waterproofs (sigh), porridge bars and Motörhead t-shirt. Ready.

5 thoughts on “Did I turn the gas off… ?”

  1. Have a cracking time fella but I wouldn’t worry aboot the gas… Holly will need it to bake cakes for your return. Just back meself from Dartmoor and a wildcamp, cracking weather and grim as well. It all adds to a trips color. Enjoy.


  2. Hey Flaff, love the beard :o)

    It’s more Morningside over this way if you need to make yourself understood otherwise it just sounds like “Argle yargle bargle, ken?”

    “Come away in. You’ll have had your tea?” is easier on the ear.

    The weather does look shite tho’ :o(

  3. Went for a Sabbath Bloody Sabbath shirt in the end, just as good!

    The weather was indeed challenging at times, I was understood with my regular banter and am now home with two rucksacks of wet gear.

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