Definitely time for bed

The rain’s battering off the window and the wind is blowing soot down my supposedly swept chimney with each mighty gust.

But, as I sit here way too late at night finishing a cuppa before I go to bed…if I stare at the lamp over on the other side of the room…and I hold my thumb up at arms length between us…then if I squint my eyes just a bit…it looks just a little like something else.

4 thoughts on “Definitely time for bed”

  1. Hankering for mountain sun rises/sets !
    It will come in good time, this weather is crap at the moment.
    we need a weekend of weather like we had the last time we dragged Craig out.
    Maybe he is the lucky charm ?

  2. I didn’t set the alarm last night as I’d abandoned any chance of getting to the hills as the weather was looking just rubbish.
    Now I’m looking out the window at a snow covered Hill of Stake with a patch of blue sky above it.

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