Dear Weather,

Stay like this ’til the weekend…Stay like this ’til the weekend…Stay like this ’til the weekend…Stay like this ’til the weekend…

No days away to the hills here, this is rubbish.
But we’re away to see Haglöfs Winter ’09/’10 gear on Friday, so that’s something (I’ll sneak in a camera). When I get home from that I’m packing.

20 thoughts on “Dear Weather,”

  1. Ha, that picture looks like I felt after last weekend – damn near wasted away from the effects of a bug (but I’ll spare you the details ;O) …. and wasted a brilliant hill weekend in the process :(
    Hoping to rectify things these next couple of weekends!

  2. I think that the blanks are easily filled in…

    There’s a thaw on the way for the weekend, it’s hell on wheels. All I see when I’m out and about this week is snow covered hills in bright sunlight.


  3. At least you have mountains in South Wales…

    not something that can be said for the Cotswolds…

    although the walking is still good, just flat.

  4. I was up Ingleborough yesterday, at times knee deep in snow. I’ve never been up a hill in snow before, I was very impressed!

  5. I just hope it keeps getting snowier, as we’re planning a dash over Crib Goch before Christmas, one last shot at getting out of the festivities!!!

  6. Fancy joining us on our mad cap plan for tomorrow ptc*?

    We’re intending to get the 0839 train from Dalmuir to Corrour for a wee dash up Beinn na Lap and use of the orange bag for an even quicker descent to Corrour Station Cafe :-)

    Need to test out my new La Sportiva Trango Alp boots and see what damage going back into proper boots does to my feet

  7. DNF, I was on a callout tonight and ity’s still baltic out there. Maybe winter is going to hang around.

    Blonde Wummin, I’m all boilers and pipes on the morrow. Sound like fun though :o)

  8. That’s a pity ptc*.

    Ach I’ve still got Ben Lomond to do in the snow so maybe you’ll make that one

  9. Twas a grand day out indeed though bloody hard work, up to our knees in soft snow for 90% of the day

    Lets hope that is hasn’t all melted by the weekend :-)

  10. Aye and it will be based on weight !
    So everybody will be forced to jump on the F&L band wagon and we will all have to take up winsurfing or something !

  11. …hmmm, will the trailer weight be factored into the calculation? My er, rig is carrying a few extra pounds due to lack of miles of late.

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