Dear Barry Took…

The weather services cause me no end of grief. There’s three I use, any more and my brain would crash, and they’re the obvious ones I’d say.

There’s MWIS, the people’s champions, hardcore weather mentalists, with super detailed, super accurate forecasts that are totally useless to anyone who ventures into the hills outside of office hours.
I spoke to them about this, that their weather ends at tea time and then picks up again after breakfast with no useful indication of how the two join together, even “cloud clearing after midnight” would be helpful in planning an overnighter. They hadn’t thought of this, and would talk about it they said, but nothing ever happened. It kinda confirms my fears that most folk heading to the mountains are daytripping list tickers, so why provide what might be just an additional niche service.

Then we have the mighty Met Office, piss takers for years by charging money for sending you faxes that were the same as yesterdays. I was glad when their shoddy service was pulled. Now of course they have their grand Mountain Safety weather page which has one saving grace, a long look ahead to the general conditions over several days. The detailed forecast often involves just telling you how good the views are going to be with a list of coloured warnings above it.  You can see some office plabbot sitting typing it up think “Oh, that’s nice, I hope folk like it”.

Then we have the much maligned Met Check. Second hand forecasts recycled in a slightly bizarre fashion with many figures that don’t makes sense or seem to match up.
But, it’s got 24hr forecasts at three hours intervals looking two and a half days ahead, updates constantly, has a slightly unwieldy navigation system, but you can zoom in to specific places, indeed mountains which is handy. I’ve found it to be no less reliable than MWIS, and it’s the one I check first. I just have to ignore a lot of the categories on there, I may make a card up that I can stick on the screen to make that easier.
Frustrating, but in a different way.

Can you tell by the moaning I’m planning  an imminent escape? More plundering of the archives to keep me focused I think.

14 thoughts on “Dear Barry Took…”

  1. Thats a bit freaky, I could have written that myself and every word would be true. Except for the imminent escape bit – one on the cards this week but its to somewhere hot and the missus planned that.

  2. Good to know I’m not alone in my grumblings Del.

    Ach, hot is good. I’ll be envious when I’m standing in a freezing wind outside my tent tomorrow night.

  3. Try

    They give out all data from ECMWF and EUMETSAT without charge, so you can usually get better weather forecasting from them than from national agencies. I know they are great for Sweden and Ireland at least.

  4. Funny, is the info I’ve relied on for years for Norwegian ski tours – even pre-internet it was faxed to the staffed huts and pinned on the wall. But I’d never realised they cover all those areas outside Norway too :))

  5. I have just paid the money for the Super-Metcheck. 99p a week, and it’s alreday been worth it, Perthshire a week today is looking good :o)

  6. Its arse planning around weather forecasts as its just too changeable of late and pisses you off totally when your expecting fine weather and its throwin it down. Meteorologists were only invented to make economists look good :0)

  7. I think I got even more obsessed by the weather after three trips to Glen Affric to get photies and it pissing down every time. I think my twitchy eye started then as well….

    “Meteorologists were only invented to make economists look good”
    Genius :o)

  8. Metcheck…ugh…

    I combine Met Office/MWIS – sometimes they disagree and you have a wider spread of weather scenarios to play with. Probably due to the models they use.

    If you have a modicum of interest and are talented to waft through endless pile of shites, the Model thread on the Netweather forum is quite interesting to read about trends in the mid-term. The long term forecast by Glacier Point (Stewart) on that site is quite spot on btw.

  9. See that’s the thing, I need something akin a weather dispenser, like a beverage coming out a machine I need a basic version of the real thing to get me on the move :o)

  10. Met office/MWIS/BBC weather(!) are set as my opening pages. Same gripe – they just don’t do past 5pm on MWIS and no-one else gives detail.

    Why the three? Cos you can balance Mr_Pessimist MWIS with some more ‘hopeful’ forecasts.

    Hmmm, I wonder if a bivvi at the back may be in order this week….

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