Dean V-Coustic

A Flying V acoustic. Oh yes.

I’ve been looking for one of these for ages, new they’re both rare and overpriced for what is essentially a pretty rubbish Made in China guitar. On ebay, while more reasonable, they tend to be posted out in cardboard boxes which is never good for a vulnerable acoustic guitar, however cheaply made.
However, this one appeared on Gumtree and was just a few miles down the road. For a sum less than the cost of a tank of diesel poured reluctantly into the hearse, it was mine in what was probably a very shady looking car park exchange. 

I was already pleased, but soon I was more pleased when it turned out the thing was actually very playable with a little work. New strings, some lemon oil on the bone-dry fretboard, a small tweak of the truss rod and 2mm off the bridge saddle and I haven’t put it down in days.
It’s an electro-acoustic, meant for easy live use I’d imagine, with it’s shallow body which gives it a tight, almost mandolin-esque tone which I actually really like. Plugged in, it sounds surprisingly good with the onboard EQ having enough sweep in its sliders to give you a deep big-box dreanought facsimile and an ear tearing modern country trebly sprrannggg if you so desire. 
I’ve been playing tunes from the Brave soundtrack on it, Holly runs away shouting Daaaaadd!

It’s light, it makes me smile, it’s a flying V. Alright!

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