Day tripper

We took Holly out for wee look at Loch Lomond today. Lovely day for it of course, with the rain, wind, grey of various hues and velocities. She was unmoved I fear.

However, true to the old wives tale the fresh air did tire her out and she had a good long kip. Consquently we had time to watch enough telly to find out that it’s not as good as people make out.


She is in there.

2 thoughts on “Day tripper”

  1. I think you’ve cracked the mystery of Paramo’s odd sizing; it’s so you can stuff an infant down the front. Haglofs have yet to catch on, it seems.

  2. Genius :o)
    I’ll take her for first trip to the Lakes and wind up the staff in Cunninghams.
    I’ll try on an Aspira jacket with her still in the papoose “Yes, it fits very well, but Holly doesn’t like the hood…”

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