Dale of Norway Merino Long Sleeve Zip Neck Baselayer Review

WHW Kit Review

It’s nice to have something different. Norwegian merino fits the bill I think.

It has raglan sleeves, a long zip with a medium height collar and the stitching is all flatlocked. The fit is slim without being skin tight. The length is good on the arms and the body, personal preference from me would always have the cuffs down to my thumb but that would annoy most folk. These will just cover your watch.

The build quality is good, the zip is a bit clunky to use but it has a nice wide puller that you can use with gloves.

The fabric is very good. It must be the softest merino I’ve used. The weave is very open and it seems to dry faster than most other merino. I wore it on my training runs, the WHW and on my Lakes trip this week as well as some day trips, so it’s had a lot of use. It’s survived several washes very well, keeping it’s shape in a 40deg synthetic wash cycle. I’ve slept a few nights in it as well and it was a joy, simply by being annonymously comfy, as well as remaining innofensive to my olfactory system.

There is other colours, but I love the sky blue and navy blue baseball jersey look. They sent me a matching set of leggings in the same fabric which I haven’t had a chance to use yet. Next winter there I think unless I get the scissors out and make some boxers if I’m stuck inside on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Dale are moving production to the old Icebreaker site in Fiji, it’ll be interesting to see what effect that has on the kit.

Edit: It’s pronounced “Dah-lah”.

6 thoughts on “Dale of Norway Merino Long Sleeve Zip Neck Baselayer Review”

  1. Checked out the Dale website a while back,seems like they make some good stuff.So when are we gonna see you wearing some of the traditionally patterned ‘heritage’ range then eh?
    Kind of reminds me of some of the wool products I saw in outdoor shops in Finland a couple of years ago.

  2. I tried some of that stuff on, they do bring it in to the UK. In my mind I looked like Kirk Douglas from “The Heroes of Telemark”.
    The mirror told a different story of course.

  3. Hehe,yeah,heroes of telemark indeed…great film by the way.The patterned stuff is somewhat similar to a kind of 80’s ‘christmas’ jumper!…yup the mirror seldom lies!
    The ones in finland were festooned with a lovely multi coloured reindeer pattern and were mega expensive,still,I almost bought one though…then I thought to myself where the hell would I be able to wear it in this country without feeling a little conspicuous…I quickly left the shop soon after with just a reindeer horn handled fire steel and a little metal viking ornament!

  4. Some of those crazy christmas jumpers have Gore Windstopper liners as well, mental stuff :o)

    Talking of firesteel, I finally unpacked mine from my Lakes trip the other day and it’s gone all hairy. This was unexpected.

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