Still at home, still on the couch. This is shite. But I’m having proper food, talking to people etc, well done me (read that last bit in a really sarcastic Scottish voice).
Now onto Weir’s Way DVD box set #2, so today I was following the River Tay from Ben Lui’s coire through some very familiar landscape and always interesting history. As joyful as it was frustrating. Equally frustrating is that some test kit’s just come in from Leki, Smartwool and Mountain King. Add to that, the scene below is where I was standing exactly a year ago.
Help ma’ Boab.
Still, the umpteenth reissue of Black Sabbath’s Born Again album came in on Saturday and disc two has two songs I’ve never heard plus the live set they played at Reading Festival in ’83 as recorded by Radio 1 for the Rock Show, yes kids, Radio 1 Rock Show. This is good news, my 28 year old recorded off-air C90 cassette of the show has seen better days.  Sabbath playing Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water and Ian Gillan screaming like a scalded cat with a clothes peg on its bollocks over 70’s Sabbath tunes has never lost any of its initial amazement for me.

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  1. You know what? I taped that too and nailed it for a long time on me Sanyo pseudo Walkman copy. Along with a Whitesnake Reading gig from one year or another – I miss the Rock Show.

    Glad you’re feeling a bit brighter, I had a rough week myself, cold sweats at night, bad headaches etc. Peace and quiet for me but I guess the little ‘un keeps you on your toes. Doctor Who cheered me up tho.

    Oh yeh – cheers for letting me be a winner! Never won anything. Socks will do!

  2. Seems to take a little longer to get back to normal every time doesn’t it? That’s the only thing I miss about being 19, the recovery time. Health upon as all.

    We had Tom Russell on Radio Clyde back then too and he used to record shows at the Glasgow Apollo, got some crackesr from that too. the early 80’s were magic.

    Winner indeed, the socks are ace, the same ones I wear all the time.
    Coming soon, a wee giveaway of a few packs of super-rare Petzl playing cards. No kings and queens and the like, it’s all ice axes and mountain’s and stuff.

  3. After a nasty bout of illness about 18 months ago I started taking a cod liver oil capsule every day. It supplies the vitamin D that we don’t really get in Scotland unless you’re out in the sun between April and September, after 10am and before 5pm.
    I haven’t had a single day’s illness since then even though all around were going down with bugs left right and centre.
    Coincidence. Maybe ? Or perhaps our grannies knew something…

  4. I’ll bet it’s a mix of the capsules and a good mental attitude. Taking action can be as good a tonic as the action taken itself.
    Our grannies weren’t daft at all.

  5. Well they cost about 5p a day so even if it is a psychosomatic affect it’s worth it.

  6. I’m not convinced by the new font, I’ve had to increase the size of it to read it comfortably. And the contrast’s insufficient in the comments section.
    Sorry, but I have spent the last 4 days solid reading stuff printed out by stupid students ignoring the ‘at least 12 point font’ instructions.

  7. It’s the capsules doing their bit Fatwalker, I took them for a while and I thought it worked fine, my knees especially were great. But as with all my stuff, I’m not disciplined enough to do it regularly and gave up as one a week wasn’t doing anything.
    After the last week, I might be looking at something again.

    Kate, don’t worry, I throw this one up for short periods now and again for two reasons. One is to try new colours on the regular theme while it isn’t live, and the other is to confirm to myself why I still like the original, dated, technically limited, simple and friendly theme.

  8. I much prefer this look, I really do. I don’t get the pictures merging over the text.

    Those cards sound like fun! Well, they do if you play cards and I don’t. Best leave that comp for the people who will appreciate them properly.

  9. With you all the way on the Rock Show. The only benefit of still having a tape machine in my van (I know, I know) is that I can listen to all my recordings of ‘TV on the radio’ on long trips to the mountains.

    With regard to the layout I’m with Kate. You might be having fun experimenting off line, but I’m not finding this easy on the eye ;-)

  10. AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH………Change it back………..Pretty please with a cherry on top ;)
    At my age I need all the help I can get on the reading/font stuff.

    Reckon that your immune system is on its way out…….it’s your age you know !!

  11. Sorry forgot to say………as regards “some test kit’s just come in from Leki, Smartwool and Mountain King” Nae problem just fling it my way…..

  12. Agree with a few other Pete ref the font, its not the best. The older style was easier on the eye. Still got to try new stuff or you’ll never know. Get well soon you are turning into Dot Cotton off Eastenders with your ailments of late ;0)

  13. Aye, I can’t read any of this either. I’ve got my glasses on and I’m leaning forward at the screen too.

  14. I want this look but better adjusted you see, I can’t do it and can’t be arsed learning how either.
    So, old clothes back on with the same colours too.
    Hey ho.

  15. Definitely Kate and all the better for it as I like this look!

    To continue my pub analogy from a while back it was like going in to your local to discover it had been decorated and morphed in to a wine bar. The saving grace was that the landlord was still there and none of the regulars had left in a huff ;-)

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