Crivvens, look at that Calange fleece she’s wearing

I was sorting through some photie files to stick onto the external hard drive to try and raise the computer’s speed up to a snails pace, when I came across that one below (and subsequently edited it to death in an attempt to make it look like a Victorian archaeological discovery).
It occurs to me that the bike track is less aggressive towards the ground that the boot prints are. Obviously heavy breaking, fast turns and the like are much harder on the ground, but it took me back to the Munro Show episode (?) where Muriel Gray had the two mountain bikers on. She had them making utter fools of themselves on the steep ground above the road in Glen Coe, failing miserably to even turn a wheel on the loose surfaced, steep gradient. Talk about being set up to take a fall?
Anyway, that whole chain of thought brought to mind that Munro Show was actually pretty good, it demystified the hills and made them seem approachable (with caution), there was joy and there was fun in it. We need that stuff on the telly again.
Also, I have the DVD, we’ll have a meet round at your house and we can all watch it and enjoy the outdoor fashions of the day.

16 thoughts on “Crivvens, look at that Calange fleece she’s wearing”

  1. I’ve got em all on video, taking pride of place with the ‘Absolutely’ vidos (“It’s videeeeeo”).

    The Munro Show was great. The ‘First Fifty’ book is really good too.

  2. Ah! I got the Absolutely DVD boxset when it came out, last year I think?
    It was genius stuff. I always wanted to visit Stoneybridge, of course changing buses at the Yetts of Muckart.

    It is a good book, very different from the usual mountain fare.

  3. ah yes – the Stoneybridge Olympic bid vido, McGlashan and the Hurly Burly bag and, of course, Callum Gilhooley.

    Genius indeed.

  4. “there was joy and there was fun in it”…Like that. I get fed up with folks going on about being one with the hills and finding themselves out there. Why not just enjoy the hills and have fun. Fun seems to be a forgot word in the outdoors of late.

  5. I hope not – it’s the only reason I go out.

    The only place I want to ‘find myself’ is going the right way in a blizzard and not off a cliff ;-)

    PS Thanks for spelling ‘archaeology’ correctly – you’ve made a dirt pixie’s day.

  6. Like one of my random taglines on the header says; “We’re all just getting dressed up to go out and play”.

    The joy is what it’s all about.

  7. I saw half of Absolutely perform live in Glasgow – Hunter & Docherty – and the one bit that immediately comes to mind – yes, it’s McGlashan, but only because he dragged an englishman (a plant, obviously) from the audience and proceeded to parady the torture scene from Reservoir Dogs by tying him to a chair and pouring Irn-Bru over him and pelting him with chips from his fish supper while dancing to the music – different class.

  8. I’m still giggling at the above clip, and I’ve spent too much time since guffawing at classic Absolutly clips on Youtube. There are a couple of classic McGlashans including the England World Cup Draw sketch:

    I can’t find the Hurly Burly bag one though. A bag with special powers to grant wishes that would enable McGlashan to “go on sports night and stoat Jimmy Hill on the head and go Take that! You big-chinned English B*****d!”

    Happy days.

  9. “PS Thanks for spelling ‘archaeology’ correctly – you’ve made a dirt pixie’s day.”
    You aren’t an archaeologist are you, More On? That would be very worrying… ;-)

  10. I’m only an archaeologist when people ask me to translate Latin! Otherwise I’m an ancient historian with archaeological interests. And I don’t dig. Now. I did when I was younger, mostly in Italy after digging on Roman villas in Dorset in the 70s. It was wet in Dorset in the 70s ;-)

  11. Likewise I don’t dig any more :-(

    It’s not out of choice, it’s simply because the only way to make a living in commercial archaeology is to manage other people getting wet! Having said that I have just returned from a site visit and did at least get my boots dirty.

    As an aside I do find it very funny that I have to wear massive boots for ‘support’ on flat sites at work and then go wandering around rocky hills wearing Inov8 ‘slippers’.

    Anyway Dorset and Italy. Two of the best places on the planet – along with the Lakes, Beacons, Scotland… ;-)

  12. Das, I saw that show as well, jezz that was a while back.

    I rememeber the Hurly Burly Bag, magic. Mr Don and Mr George should be released on DVD too. It’s all classic stuff

    Here, I like this waving across the historical ocean!

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