Couldn’t leave the word “pants” at the top of the page overnight.

It might leave the wrong impression on new listeners. So I’d like to talk about the underwear I’ve been wearing today instead.

An odd combination, both lightweight merino though. A Howies long sleeve crew and a pair of Chocolate Fish’s Taranaki boxers. The Howies top I’ve had for a year I think and it’s the stretchiest merino top I own, slim fit at 0730, right now it looks like that wooly cardigan Starsky’s wearing when he climbs out of the swimming pool in the opening credits. The clip is from the pilot show if I remember right.

The boxers are much better, the fabric is more like the current Icebreaker closer knit fabric, or Smartwool maybe. The style is somewhere between the two manufactureres as well. So less stretch through the day and consequent wrinkly discomfiture. Well made, looking good so far. And merino is the soft hand of nature upon our fevered brow through each difficult day of course.

I try every now and again, but I don’t like synthetic base layers these days. If merino was better for running and biking I’d probably have myself upholstered in it.

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