One extreme to the other. Waiting to see if ancient church pipes heat up or not as night closes in is an oddly calming experience, alone in a giant empty and dark building, the only sounds are of hot water circulating and air bubbles being chased into corners where I can let them out with my giant 1950’s brass air cock key. It’s like being in the giant space worm’s mouth in that bit from The Empire Strikes Back.

Then we have Glasgow city centre on a Saturday just a few weeks from Christmas. Blind panic, stupidity, people risking their wellbeing by waving cigarettes near my child, loud voices with nothing to say, shops full of stuff we really don’t need but must desire/buy/have in order to save the economy apparently.
We did find a sleeping dalek in Waterstones book shop, Holly wasn’t entirely sure, so she brought a little red one home which is much safer for everyone.

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