Corner carefully and boost!

Met Bobinson for lunch, not been enough of that stuff of late. We’ve put a big cross on December for doing stuff, here’s hoping. The Tiso cafe hasn’t changed which is nice and the racks and shelves are full of every shade of grey and black you could think of. Well done.

When I got home and shoved the mail into the mail “tidy rack” I realised that there’s been a cyberman head with a devil wig on it sitting there for about three weeks and none of us has thought to move it. It’s the cool talking one that you can wear too, Holly won it at nursery, how cool is that? Anyway, I don’t see any of us moving it any time soon, it’s become one of the family.

Next to that is one of Joycee’s paintings from 2001, from a trip to Cruachan the week before foot & mouth shut the mountains. It’s a crap photie as it’s done under the hall lights, but I wanted to stick it on here anyway. I walk by the painting every day and don’t really notice it but tonight I did as the cyberman slowed me down and I was all wistful and swirling in memories.
Looking sideways now and again is good, there’s stuff out there we could be missing.

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