CORGI is dead

As part of my job involves working with gas, I have to be CORGI registered. I have been since before it was mandatory, spending thousands of pounds on training to keep myself up to date and legal.
You have to pay to be in CORGI which has always pissed me off, it’s extortion to charge for a mandatory membership (pass the cost onto the customer they said…), and once you’re in they watch you like a hawk. Your livelihood is in their hands.
My membership has been trouble free, and I’ve watched unregistered cowboys get away with horrendously dangerous work that would see me in court because I’m traceable. But over the years, it tightened up. the cowboys got squeezed, the regulations caught up with reality (to an extent) and loopholes were closed. The public came to use the CORGI name like they would use Hoover when looking for a vacuum cleaner, a generic term for a boiler man, it was what was expected and it was looked for. Finally CORGI was doing its job.

So the government has killed it. CORGI will mean nothing from April next year, you’ll now be looking for a “Capita Registered” gas engineer. CORGI will limp on as pointless voluntary organization, which means paying to be part of two bodies that do the same thing, one of which has no power or authority…yeah, we’ll all sign up for that.

It’ll be a fiasco, the cowboys will be free again, folk will still be asking for CORGI cards for years to come. What a nightmare.

Stupid, stupid bastards.

9 thoughts on “CORGI is dead”

  1. No, I think I’m just saying that this is pretty crappy. Everyone knows what a Corgi is; Capita registered? WTF is Capita? Sounds like that brief stint when the PO lost its identity as Consignia!

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