Converse Chuck Taylor Allstar

Purple Con’s, praise be. I saw them and had to have them. I used to wear Con’s all the time but I’ve drifted more into skate shoes in recent years and Con’s kinda slipped over the horizon for some reason.
However, the’re back and they’re absolutely marvellous. They haven’t changed, my feet have grown up so it’s a relationship that will work well for everybody, and I can see happy times ahead.

Many years ago I went into Highrange Sports in Glasgow (long gone, a legend it was) after coming off the hill, I had all my hill gear on and a pair of Con’s for driving in.
I said to the man; “I’m looking for new crampons”
“You can’t wear crampons with those” he replied, pointing at my feet without a hint of mischief in his eye or voice.
“Indeed” said I, whilst thinking “You’re a fanny”.
The exchange would have been different these days I think, “Are you sure about that…?” Might have been my reply.

17 thoughts on “Converse Chuck Taylor Allstar”

  1. Wear ’em all the time. Wearing them now, in fact. Black ones, typically although The Boy has a nice red pair that I have my eye on……

  2. Got my first pair in Greaves back in the early eighties – they only had them in black or white then, so plumped for white – and I’ve just thrown out my last pair of red ones as I’d gone thru the heel – happy feet stuff indeed.

  3. The last set I had was black, now I see there’s even different shades of black and white to be had as well as a frightening array of colours and designs.
    Mind you, I think the design won’t have changed since Kate had them in the 70’s

    I’m strangley drawn to a yellow pair as well…

  4. I’m glad it’s not just me. I’ve been hankering after a brown pair. Brown! I don’t know why! Will have to wait until summer.

  5. Got a set of denims one that get rolled out as Gig-ing shoes. When your ready to Rawk only Cons will cut the mustard.

  6. I see they’ve got leather Allstar high tops, that’s pretty rock’n’roll.
    And a new Ozzy Osbourne endorsed range…aye…

  7. Most intersetting.

    I have recently bought a pair of Puma Frankie’s:

    Badassed Puma Frankies

    I don’t know why, but I’m tired of technical footwear for cutting about in. Even although the Skylites are awesome, I’m wearing them out in unjust pursuits.

    I also love Puma ever since Dr. Romanov said Pumas were a brilliant footwear choice.

    Pertaining to your Chucks – THE Mark Rippetoe demanded we show up in either O-Lifting shoes or Chucks Taylors for the lifting cert. Look. I’m in the background mincing. Just found that. Just there.

    Well done. Good sheen.

  8. Yes.

    And shiny shoes. I went dressed as a Ned. If you look though, Si, standing next to me had shorts on and tape all over his shins. Longs were another Rip demand and we found out why after everyone’s shins ended up annihilated from clattering the bar off them

    Speaking of that. When are you starting your new training regime?

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