8 thoughts on “Conjugate the verb to go”

  1. ir a, voy a, va a. (to go, i go, you go)
    Oh no.. conjugated verbs, you’ve taken me back to my Spanish class nightmare!

    Voy a caminar las montanas proxima semana si el clima esta sol, pero no hace mucho calor!
    (I think that’s right!!)


  2. A duck leaning on a crutch?

    I did French, and failed badly. There is a case for having boys-only and girls-only schools, I found myself awfully distracted in the classes where my interest was marginal leading to letters other than A, B or C displayed on my discharge sheet at the end of term.

  3. Well, since you’ve already done the Latin (sort of!), let’s go in Italian instead!

    Andiamo, scaliamo, campeggiamo!

  4. Aye that clip was just like my Spanish class – perfect tense, present tense, imperfect, preterit.. it all got too confusing… and that was just about 3 months ago!

  5. Lightpacking, ultralightpacking, superultralightpacking.

    This is easy!! :))

    And now in American….

    Litepacking, ultralitepacking, superultralitepacking ;O)

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