Conic Screwdriver

Sometimes things work out just right, the Trail that’s in the shops has a route I wrote for Conic Hill above Balmaha on Loch Lomond which was the result of a quick schedule change. It was perfect as I know the hill so well, I’d just climbed it again so knew my facts were already up to date and I got to push a proper gem to the front of the queue for a wee while.
Conic almost always pops its head through an inversion and the views from it are epic, nothing less. I was properly enthused writing this one, I suppose I always am really, but this one is special cos it’s local and the route isn’t what most folk do, it’s got my own regular way up, down and around.
Magic, go climb it.

6 thoughts on “Conic Screwdriver”

  1. Aye but I can’t blame you, you must have been running from that poison sky below.
    I’ll add this hill to this summers proposed driving tour of Scotland.

  2. It’s worth a visit, undemanding and great fun with brilliant views, and the inn near the car park is great too.

    You can go to the visitor centre and stroke a stuffed squirrel too!

  3. Inn’s are usually a focal point on our trips, so that sounds perfect. I should buy a map, before they stop printing them. Hopefully those rumours aren’t true though. I’d be useless without an OS map.

  4. Hey if we lose OS maybe Harvey will step in and fill the gap. Then we can have accurate mapping country wide for the first time :)

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