Competition, someone has won a thing!

Well, we had entries from previous winners, folk I know for a fact it wouldn’t fit and a racer who I’m sure has already got one :o)
Thanks everyone for sticking your name down.
As you’ll see we’ve had our draw, the comment entry numbers were written down on wee squares of card and the winner was selected by our unbiased adjudicator.

And our winner is… stevon …May your comfort be enhanced by this fine technical garment. Alright! 

The cupboard at Fast and Light was getting emptied to make room for the winter kit and this was found and handed over as a giveaway.
It’s part of the Montane kit that was logoed up for TeamFastandLight who competed at the world champs adventure race based in Ft Bill last year, and the team who raced in the Edinburgh Rat Race.
It’s a Montane Prism with Prism* insulation and a Pertex Microlight outer shell. It’s got a hood, pockets, relefective branding on the sleeve and it’s a size LARGE.
It’s tagless and nobody is sure whether it’s been worn by a racer at a rest stop or lugged around in a kit bag, so it can’t be sold. It does make a hell of a freebie though

*25g Primaloft

46 thoughts on “Competition, someone has won a thing!”

  1. ooo, I want this jacket, my husband and I love backpacking and this would be perfect for those mornings when the dew is on the ground and you really have to push yourself to get out of your comfy sleeping bag and go into the cold. May the blog gods show favor on me, lol.

  2. Oh, go on then – I’ll be a walking billboard for Mr FastAndLight! :)

    After all, Montane Large is my size, and Holly does like picking my name out…. ;O)

  3. After reading via rss for ages, looks like I’ll register now then eh? :-)

    Any items to start me on my journey to lightweightdom would be gratefully received!

    Cheers for now


  4. Holly,
    there are cocco pops, bananas and rusks over here! I need a lightweight top so I can pack more food, please.

  5. Count me in please Holly.

    If you could add “Used to be” above the Fast and Light logo, it would fit me quite nicely :-)

  6. Hey *perhaps* (no promises) such a bit of kit will encourage me to get off my widening arse. Either way it’ll come in might handy on the honeymoon (japan-new zealand-USA).

    *fingers crossed*

  7. Holly, this would be a fantastic jacket for all the outdoor active events I work on throughout the year in Scotland. I worked on the PR campaign for the AR worlds and the Edinburgh Rat Race is an annual job for me. I also ran the campaign for this year’s new event in The Borders, The Dirty Weekend. I also work on events such as the Fort William Mountain Festival. I am normally to be found in the pissing rain organising photographers and journalists at these events and a quality branded jacket would be ideal.

  8. Well, this piece would be very nice to have in norway next month :)
    oh I just read holly will point at the winner… erm, this haircut of yours, very nice (might increase my chances… maybe :)

  9. Hey there Holly & ptc* Count me in on this. Perfect timing for me replacing my very old insulating layer

  10. Holly, do you like sweets?

    Send it to me and I’ll ebay it and give the money to mountain rescue. Cos, really if I get anymore jackets I’ll need a bigger wardrobe than my missus!

  11. Pick me, pick me.

    Oh well, here I am at last. Another of the silent majority spurred into action by the promise of free gear.

    Anyway, as I have finally registered at least I can now ask all those important gear related questions that I spend every lunchtime (and occasional evenings) watching others ask.

  12. I am offering a possibility to support other nations. Really would appreciate, if the thingy would come this way. Would even pay for international transport if needed. By the way been reading this site for quite some time, and every time I wish my life (and gear) would be something like that — fast&light.

  13. Well, I ain’t a Montane large but what the heck, everyone else is sticking up a hand and I’d hate to be left out, and I’m certainly heading towards large rather than extra-small!
    Hey, Holly, how about helping out a fellow Celt here in Wales?!

  14. Am I too late – please don’t say I’m too late……!

    (I also trust you’re fine with me telepathically communing with Holly when it comes to selection time?)


  15. Nothing like last minute dot com. That is if it hasnt been picked yet! I wouldnt mind this jacket to keep me warm while being a moving billboard!!


  16. Got to follow the flock and sign up Baaaaaaa. Great site though. I’m very excited to hear about the Paramo Adventure light.

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