Competition Time with Expedition Foods!

What was the dry weight of my current favourite Chicken Tikka 800Kcal main meal?
It was 130g

Thanks for all the entries, and thanks for all of the kind messages attached, bless all of you good peaple out there.
Our winner (picked by Holly with a little coercion, involving witholding Peppa Pig) is Jeremy Taylor who will be sticking a spoon into an orange bag very soon.

24 thoughts on “Competition Time with Expedition Foods!”

  1. Terms and conditions, of sorts.

    It’s only me that gets to see your email address, and when the competition’s done I’ll delete the folder as usual.
    If you don’t like the flavours you’ve chosen, tough.
    Anybody can enter, unless you’re somewhere daft like the South Pole because Expedition Foods won’t be happy with the postage costs.
    If I think of more rules I’ll post them.

    Is “Caution contents may be hot” applicable? I think if that one was relevant the subject would be likely to burn their tent down before getting the water in the bag.
    Carry on!

  2. It’d be good to win some of this to try – I could never go out and buy any now that MoS is a dab-hand with the home dehydrator!! ;O)

  3. Great snap certainly,compy entered,i really want an orange spoon,do they give them with orders now ?? I’ve upped the tgo pics ptc,i like the expedition stuff,i took a piccy of the korma :-)

  4. Well the plugging has worked, thats me ordered up some Chicken Tikka’s and porridges for upcoming outings starting with the LAMM this weekend :)

  5. On the subject of breakfast I’m looking for something more tasty than my current camp breakfast of Viper bar and SIS Go drink and wondered if anyone has any strong views on the EF muesli versus the Travelunch offering. I’ve only tried the Travelunch one and wasn’t blown away on the taste front! Likewise, is the EF porridge very sweet, as the hot cereal with mango was just too much first thing in the morning (even compared to Go).

  6. More-on

    I’ve made up my own camping porridges in the past with oats-so-simple mixed with dried milk in ‘pour and store’ sealable bags. Just add boiling water, wrap in foil pouch or insulated jacket for 5 mins, then eat from the bag. Not too bad if you can be bothered with the hassle. I’m giving the EF ones a go for races as they seem to be very high calories for the weight.

  7. Jeez, I forgot the LAMM was so soon, my mate’s convinced it’s on Skye.

    Muesli is such a gamble, trying to get the water right seems to be beyond me.
    It’s a definite “setter upper” for the day.

  8. Thanks folks. I think I’ll give the EF variation a try as making up enough muesli/porridge myself to get c. 800Kcal seems to involve filling a sealable bag bigger than my rucsac (or maybe I’m just plain lazy?).

  9. Now then……this prompted me to remember my password…..

    Quite simply the worst dehydrated food I have had in memory…maybe I got a bad bag? the chili….in a thermawrap cosy for 20 mins….added the right amount of water…..

    The result (I must mail EF with this)… a tasteless, joyless thin soup in which floated… like rotting icebergs the crunchy red beans…

    Oh my what a delight after a 20kmday and 1800m :-(

    Truly AWFUL.

    Worst still I have another three yet to eat as the food they were selling last year (Real) was great. Offers?

    Very disappointed. Dreadful. I could not eat it :-(

  10. I’ve always found the dehydrated stuff a mixed bag success wise, and I always rotate the brands so I don’t get fed up. I’ve also had horrendous results with every brand includimng EF, whether it’s the amount of water, atmospheric conditions, standing time or whatever I don’t know, but like you say it ruins your day and taints a brand.
    My stand-by ever-faithfuls are EF Chicken Tikka and Reiter Chicken and Noodle Hotpot.

    But, if its not right, tell the man.

  11. I will indeed as it was baaaad; such is life.

    The Pasta creations in particular from outdors grub are great…..if only they could get MH Beef Stroganof….the Rolls Royce of tasty dehydrated foods…..I should know… I ate it 10 days in a row on the John Muir Trail and looked forward to it each day……

    Now that is food :-)

  12. I’ve got some Mountain House here to work my way through as well!
    After the AR World Champs a few years back we had a bunch of exotic and whacky dehydtrated and energy foods from all over the world when the teams give it all away rather than pack it. Some were great and could never be found again and some were horrific!

    I really should have a dig in the cupboard and see what’s still in there…

  13. I’ve just had a delivery of dehydrated food from Outdoors Grub. I have to test everything in the home before taking it out camping in case it causes a bodily reaction that would be extremely unpleasant in a tent. Got some of the Drytech stuff. But the MH pasta & lasagne sauce is yummy.

  14. Well, I had the Drytech Turmat Beef and Potato casserole last night. I clearly have expensive tastes in dehydrated food – I polished it off very quickly, partly because I’d just got back from a 20km stroll, partly because it was absoutely delicious – by far the best dehydrated meal I’ve tasted so far. So I hope Jeremy enjoys his Expedition Food (and the lovely orange long-handled spoon), but I’m happy with my gourmet stuff, thanks :-)

  15. Real Turmat – at first we could only find it in Sweden. Best dried food ever. Never had a bad one.

    Then it arrived in the UK – joy!

    Then it went up to £8 a bag – bah!

    I’ll see how much it is in Sweden in a month or so’s time but I don’t hold out much hope with the current exchange rate…

  16. Roughly £5 in Norway if I’m reading holdfast right. I’ve got some on the way and I’m expecting great things for £8 a pop :o)

  17. A lemon-fresh wet wipe shrink wrapped to every bag?
    An after eight mint concealed in every pack…

    I really should have breakfast.

  18. we also used to get the real turmat ones from drytech until they went up to 8 quid a pop…we have now switched to expedition foods after trying a few different brands all which tasted crap – especially some ones by a company called raven (i think)

    quite fancy trying the mountain house ones at some point but ive got a good stash here for now so no point ordering more.

    also on the subject of the turmat ones…im sure i noticed the fat in the spag bol one we have left was 10x more than the fat in the expedition foods one…ill have to double check that as it seems wrong some how.

  19. Aye, Raven was horrendous, I used their stuff years ago.
    You might be right about the fat content, Exped Foods does have the least additives in it that I’ve seen, and it’s probably why so many folks say it tastes like there’s something missing.
    I should really find out and write this stuff down for reference.

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