COMPETITION TIME! Win a Big Agnes Lost Dog Primaloft Sleeping Bag

Competition Closed

Thanks everybody who entered :o)

Big Agnes have given me a fantastic Lost Dog Primaloft sleeping bag to give away. It’s a killer bit of kit for lightweight summer camping. It’s a left zip/ regular length.

It’s a great prize so I’m going to make it a quirky competition. I’ve got a new Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 tent, Zirkel down bag and new AirCore mat to test, and that is part of my question…

What Scottish summit will I pitch the tent on?

Simple as that, suggest something I wouldn’t think of (not the In Pin or an island thanks) and if I can get the tent on it you win a sleeping bag. I’ll keep this open for a while and multiple entries are very welcome.

Stick suggestions in the comments below or through the contact form and I’ll add them to the list.

  1. Caisteal Liath on Suilven, 731m
  2. Ben Hope, 927m
  3. Stuc a’ Chroin, 975m
  4. Stob a’ Choin, 896m
  5. Bla Bheinn, 928m
  6. Beinn Narnain, 926m
  7. Ben Cleuch, 721m
  8. Ladhar Bheinn, 1020m
  9. Quinag, 808m
  10. Creise, 1100m
  11. Stob Binnein, 1165m
  12. Sgurr na Ciche, 1040m
  13. Dun Caan, 443m
  14. Slioch, 980m
  15. Beinn a’Bhùiridh, 897m
  16. Firthybrig Head, 763m
  17. Tarmachan Ridge
  18. Ben Avon, 1171m
  19. Aonach Beag, 1234m
  20. Ben Cruachan, 1126m
  21. Torridon
  22. An Teallach
  23. Arthur’s Seat 251m
  24. Seana Bhraigh, 926m
  25. Beinn Gaire, 666m
  26. Glamaig, 775m
  27. Beinn Each, 813m
  28. Ciste Dubh, 929m
  29. Beinn Dearg, 1084
  30. Maoile Lunndaidh, 1007m
  31. Beinn nan Aighenan, 960m
  32. Conival, 987m
  33. Quiraing
  34. Ben Buie, 717m
  35. Stob Garbh (Cruachan), 980m
  36. Beinn a’ Bhuird, 1197
  37. Leathad Mor , 547m

70 thoughts on “COMPETITION TIME! Win a Big Agnes Lost Dog Primaloft Sleeping Bag”

  1. After a cracking day up there yesterday (we saw one family down on the track in Glen Ample all day), I’d say Beinn Each, a great we spot on the top, point your porch towards Stuc a’ Chroin and watch the sun rise over it from your pit.

  2. Ok,gonna throw another one into the hat…or err the bowl as the case may be.
    Ciste Dhubh…for no other reason than it has a very cool name,kinda like the title of a song by a scandinavian black metal band!!…black chest….oh yeah!

  3. Just spent a long weekend sailing (for the first time) with some friends all the way round Mull – fantastic from every angle. So obviously I have to add something from there to the list – Ben Buie overlooking Loch Buie, where we anchored on the Sun night.

  4. Brilliant, I did that same sail about 30 years ago. I got bitten by a swan in Tobermory.

    Buie’s on the list.

  5. I saw that ironmonger’s in Tobermory you were talking about with the guitars on the top shelf – Browns is it? – brilliant stuff!
    It really was an amazing experience – I’m sunburnt & knackered, but still grinning like a 5 year old.

  6. Aye, that’s the one – it’s the first time I can remember taking a photo inside a shop

  7. Hi ptc!!

    Now remember I dont know Scotland yet, plan to put that right this year, but…..

    ….how about Stob Garbh above the Cruachan Reservoir? Thats area is one I would love to do, it looks superb.

    You’ve probably been up there a million times before though, mate!! :-)

  8. Hey, good lad!

    Cruachan has been a popular choice, that’s the third top on the group that’s been picked.
    Stob Garbh is a cracking spot right enough, on the list it goes.

  9. Nice one!

    Once Ive got a couple of Welsh wild camps out of the way, Im planing on heading up there for my birthday in September.

    It looks stunning, and a great introduction to Scotland!

  10. I really have to get down to Wales at some point…

    Hope you have a good trip up here in September. Cruachan is just as good as it looks in the guide books.

    Here’s jyc on it a few years back :o)



    For Chris who sent in Beinn a’ Bhuird through the contact form. Thanks for entering, but my reply email bounced back as undeliverable, please send me your contact details again in case you win!

  12. Here’s a ‘sporting’ one…. Leathad Mor

    “Where?” you ask. Gridref 378 510 on the south side of Rannoch Moor, 547m. I have no idea what it’s like, although it looks to have a twee little twin summit on a horseshoe ridge with a tiny lochan, and it may have great views over to the Blackmount and Glencoe. But it’s the devil in me that thinks you’ll have a very interesting bog-trot to approach it from any direction!! Tee-hee ;O)

  13. I’ll tell ye though, you can cycle a good bit of that route.

    Anyway, if this wins you can collect the prize on point 534m next door :o)

  14. LOL, you’re on!! :))

    Actually, yes, if you come in from Bridge of Gaur the forest roads will get you pretty close. I was thinking of the Rannoch moor on foot approach!

    I biked Rannoch Station to the Kingshouse a few years back – with a full pannier load on board you can push a fair bit of that route!!

  15. Last year the teams on the WARC race had to take kayaks across Rannoch. They paddled some of it and portaged some of it. Dragging kayaks on a trolley across the Rannoch heather in the pissing rain?
    No thanks :o0

    It’s a thing I’ll need to do though is cross Rannoch Moor. Train to Rannoch Station walk out to Loch Ba and the A82 and then over to the West Highland Way and down to Bridge of Orchy for a train home. Or Tyndrum so I can visit the Real Food Cafe :o)

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