Come out and Play – Update Again Again Again

Last thought is of maps. The best one for the area is the Harvey Southern Highlands British Mountain Map but Landranger 56 is fine.
See some of you folks today.

Also, we now have Mountain House dinners and Edelrid spoons.

Old News follows.

Can’t be arsed editing below, so here’s some updates where you don’t have to search for them. Again.

Got comms from Arrochar MRT so our activities are expected and that also sorts the parking out. Details by email. Which is coming soon, really.

For folk wanting to arrive on Friday the best option is Ardgarten campsite, it’s a great wee place and just along the road from where we’re meeting, which I’ll email out shortly with replies to all the queries. I’m rubbish at comms.
We have 16 berths in Big Agnes test tents, some of which are 2-person so there might be some partner picking depending on numbers. The base camp tent sleeps six, if you’re wanting in that no problem, we’ll sort that out on the day.
Arrochar has shops and a garage, but if you’re wanting any specialist outdoor supplies the nearest place is GoOutdoors in Clydebank. Glasgow’s got the Tiso with the cafe of course which is the easist outdoor shop to find in town as it’s just off the motorway.
I’m going to bring a bunch of stuff along as well, so if there’s anything I’ve reviewed that’s caught your eye, give me a shout and I’ll see if I can dig it out for the trip.

Just had a phone call, big  boxes of something have arrived. Hi-Tec I hope?

Also, they guys have said they might have a bunch of stuff going for trade prices if anyone’s interested, dunno what yet.

Old news follows…

There’s a bit better detail below and some new info, worth a read if you’re coming.

On the weekend of 18th/19th of February I’m hosting (in the manner of Bruce Forsyth) a weekend of mountains, camping and gear and I want you to come and join in.
The meet will take place in the Southern Highlands, somewhere in the Arrochar Alps or very near by making it as accessible as we can for folk travelling from down south.
The plan, if the weather plays ball, is for folks to grab some tents and kit, climb a hill and space ourselves out along a ridge and see how we get on with the gear. Not very sociable you say, that’s right, and that’s why we’ll have an expedition-sized mothership tent pitched in the middle where we can hang out and shoot the breeze. Or shoot at the breeze as is entirely likely at 3000ft.

For test there will be:
Tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mats from Big Agnes
Rucksacks and accessories from Granite Gear
Lighting from Princeton Tec
Food from Honey Stinger
Trekking and Nordic poles from Leki
Clothing from X Bionic
Clothing from Montura, which I just saw last week and nobody in the UK has tested yet.
Footwear from Hi-Tec
Socks from Wigwam
Sports shades from Polaroid Eyewear

I’m talking to other folk as well, so this list is a work in progress which I’ll update as we go.
Familiar faces Ollie from 9point9 and John from Ardblair will be joining us to help with the kit, answer questions and get a break from selling kit and play with it instead.

Important new bits:

It’s looking like we’re going to have more folk along than we first though which is magic, glad you folks are wanting to join in. We should still have enough kit for everybody to get something and on that note here’s a couple of points:
Bring all your own regular kit for a camp, just in case. If there’s something you don’t have that’s worrying as we’re doing a high camp in the cold, tell me in advance so I know you’ll get it.
Winter gear. It’s looking snowy, bring the kit for it. Same as above, if you’re missing gear, let me know so I’ll have it ready.
I have a lot of spare kit that I can bring, but it’s not unlimited, don’t leave it to the last minute to flag something up to give me a chance to sort something out.
I know that’s all similar points above, but I don’t want any last minute gear screw ups that might spoil someone’s fun.

Now, one thing I’d been thinking about was the photies, of which I dare say there will be many. But, I think it’s worth trying to get all the tents all lit up together at night. What would that look like? A Christmas tree no doubt. Brilliant.

I’m going to try and put together a group email, I’ll keep you posted. Also, I’ll be needing clothing sizes and foot sizes asap.

Old stuff again:

Price of admission? There’s no such thing as a free lunch, so what we’ll be needing is reviews. If you’ve got a blog, you know what to do and this is a good chance to get some exclusives. If you’ve not got a blog or even a camera, no problem, we’ll get something together and we’ll post in on here.

It’ll be a blast, hanging around on the tops with cuppas and banter. I dare say some shot of tents with lights inside them will be taken?

If you fancy it, post a comment below and that’s where we’ll keep the admin and logistics going, I’ll keep this page handy. Once we’re closer to the day we’ll do phone numbers and whatnot.
Looking forward to seeing you and hearing your accent, folk don’t have accents on the internet.

As much as it pains me, I’ll do some terms and conditions.
Mountaineering is dangerous, mountains are dangerous just on their own, mountains in trainers is really dangerous.
Participation is at your own risk, this is an informal meet with fringe benefits, not an all-inclusive event with a back up team.
If you’re worried about your level of experience, fitness or skills for the trip, email me and we’ll see what’s up.
We’re on our own, it’s like a regular hill trip, no magic wand so we have to be on the ball.
The tone is flippant but the message is serious, let’s be careful out there.

95 thoughts on “Come out and Play – Update Again Again Again”

  1. Size 8 in Inov8 Terrocs, size 42.5 in Asolo boots and Asic running shoes – I think I’m really a size 8 and a third!
    Size of chest is a smallish Large, I do fit some Mediums but my flabby belly and everyone’s eyes may complain at the look. 34 waist (in theory) depending on brand, oh, and 5ft 10in tall.
    Just spent two weeks with only a pair of B3 boots to wear 24hrs a day, so if you need someone to walk around in heavy, chunky crampons, I’m yer man.

  2. I’m a 10.5 to 11 shoe depending on manufacturer but I’ll do heavy or lightweight footwear. I’ll take a Haglofs medium top on a good day, but I’m a Large for Rab kit. 34 inch waist with a 35 inch leg, which is a nightmare to get troosers for so I often have to settle for 34 inch legs and gaiters.

  3. shoe size, generally 11.5 in most outdoor footwear, Clothing, tend to go for trousers with a 42 inch waist, and tops with a 46 inch chest, Will have to double check that though.

    As for the sleeping bag, I know you have some new ones availible as part of the trip but is there any chance I could use if you still have it the PHD combi bag as that is the one I’ve been thinking of getting myself.

  4. Shoe size – 11. I think B3’s will be a good call but B2’s will probably do.
    Top size – M or L, can normally get away with either. Although got an ME active shell jacket in a M and it was far too small. Not really relevant but might help somebody.
    Trouser – 32 regular, normally a medium in most manufacturers.

    I know you just asked for shoe sizes but followed like a sheep, baa!

    Experiencing a case of the missing tent due to house move. Got Sherlock on it but may have a wee issue?

  5. Hehe, just pointing out that I WONT be coming in the B3s (unless asked to) and certainly don’t want to encourage others to wear monstrosities such as mine. It’s just that I got slightly used to having a kilo and a half on each foot in January and that’s far from the norm for most all of us eh?
    Is there much scrambling up and around where we may be staying Pete?

  6. Normally I’d agree, but the extra kilo of my Spiders over my X Talons does mean insulation – something I’m keen on in winter…
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to trying the latest incarnation of the Silver Shadow ;-)

  7. Scrambling is available in short spurts, the ascent can take a few different routes. It’s a nicely rocky wee hill.

    I’m going to wear big boots, just you wait and see.

  8. Hi Petsey, Hows you? Just chatting to Phil about the test weekend and if you have room I would love to come along and give you the ladies eye view of things (lol).

    Speak soon

  9. I’m a 9 in footwear and on the large side of medium to large in just about everything else these days.

    I replied back to the group mail but I suppose I should stick it on here too.


  10. Good job. I’ve got a sample through of the boots Hi-Tec might sending, look pretty good. I’m a born again brown leather fan :o)

  11. Is it possile you could ask Granite Gear if I can get a look at the Belt Pocket accessory? Been trying to get a close look at one for a while.

    No problem if it’s not posible. No harm in asking, eh?

    Any more plans yet, Tiso meet etc?

    Looking forward to it and I sorted out my tent issue.

  12. If there’s a sample in the UK there’s a good chance we’ll have it along.
    Still need to sort out a meet, I was away checking the campsite Plan B today :o)

    Updated post maybe tomorrow, some other stuff has come to mind.

  13. Whats the plan for rendezvous point for setting off onto the hill, and place to leave motors? A word of caution for folks, the local police paid my wife a wee visit at midnight last April because the Arrochar police had found my car ‘abandoned’ just off the A83 when me and my son were camping on Ben Ime. I now leave a ‘police note’ in the windscreen.

  14. I’ll do an email with the plans in a couple of days, I’m not sure if there’ll be vans or whatnot.
    I’ve been in comms with Arrochar MRT about our plans so we can hopefully avoid any nonsense with folk reporting either our frosted cars or headtorches on the hill.
    I’m hoping we’ll be trouble-free!

  15. Am unable to come as thee car is required elsewhere that weekend for something that takes priority over leisure trips.

  16. Ach, bummer. But, there might be another one of these meets with a different set of brands in two or three months, so keep in comms.

  17. Ant, If you can get to Glasgow (bus,train etc) I’ve got room in the car to take you up?

    Offers there if yo want it, let me know.

  18. I’ll keep an eye out for that next meet. Not really keen on carrying my winter kit up by train as it weighs a ton and is best suited for car camping.

  19. I remember walking about Glasgow at night with a winter pack including ice axe strapped to it. Got some odd looks.

    Next meet will be based from Perth. More news as we go.

  20. No problems Ant.

    Is the Tiso meet still a possibility? Just for planning my week purposes.

    There are still places in Glasgow that carrying an ice axe would be a good idea.

    Tongs ya bass!

  21. C’mon! Sitting here wishing away the working week! Just a wee bit excited, not so much for the gear which will be cool but for meeting new folks, banter, blogs and a high camp! The tension is murder polis….

  22. Aye Monday is dragging even more than normal. I’m ridiculously stoked for this. It’s been a month since I got out to play and I reckon their might be a few new mates lurking in this motley crew…

  23. Next meet will be based from Perth……Now yer talkin kid. Sorry to miss your trip this time. Sounds like it could be a blast.

    Hope that everything goes well & that everyone has a great time.

  24. Lol I’ll be surprised if there’s a wee feet size there all shoe manufacturers seem to like to start at a size 7. So either you’ve got massive feet or wee hobbit feet like me ;)

  25. Lol I’ll be surprised if there’s a wee feet size there all shoe manufacturers seem to like to start at a size 7. So either you’ve got massive feet or wee hobbit feet like me ;)

  26. Lol I’ll be surprised if there’s a wee feet size there all shoe manufacturers seem to like to start at a size 7. So either you’ve got massive feet or wee hobbit feet like me ;)

  27. Well, it’s all over.

    Snow, wind, freezing temperatures, sun, blue skies, mountains, smiles and oh so much kit. And cuppas.

    Sorry you guys couldn’t make it (gagfax did!), I think this’ll be happening again though, might see you yet.

    Story soon

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