Coleman MacKenzie Cabin 4: First Look

Just in for test is the Coleman McKenzie Cabin 4. It’s 25kg of family luxury camping madness.
We pitched it yesterday when it arrived while Jimmy was airing out his motorbike camping tent, that’s the blue thing at the right, and there was just enough room for the MacKenzie on the lawn next to it. It’s got huge living space and enough room for four in the bedrooms.
Holly was excited to get a room of her own, and then even happier to discover that the wall zipped away to make one big bedroom to run around in. It’s full of features, storage pockets, dog/cat flap, windows, side door, end door with an awning, toggles and flaps you could spend all day fiddling with. All in all, it’s a cracking bit of kit and it looks like we’re going to have great fun in it.

We’ll be heading up north with this later on in July and I’ll have more to say the. The storage bag is about 70 litres. Ha, I love it, family outdoors rocks.

3 thoughts on “Coleman MacKenzie Cabin 4: First Look”

  1. Looks very like our Vango family 4-man tent. Ideal size for a small family – but not too big that it takes all weekend to put up and down. Whats that wee red semi-circle below the window – its not a doggie door is it?

  2. It is indeed a dug flap. Holly’s been through it several times already.

    Tent’s looking good, I’ll have something else on it soon.

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