Coffee and a Danish please

I’ve been having a rummage and it’s time for a change. After the unrequired pyrotechnics with my Optimus Crux Lite during the week I’m going back to the Markill Peak Ignition. It’s a great wee stove, and the ignition still works so I’ll ditch the firesteel for a while and carry a wee plastic packet of matches just-in-case. Folk are sometimes sniffy about Markill, even though it’s the same stuff as Snow Peak with a different brand stamped on it. I’d looked at some of the current models like the Snow Peak Lite Max , but it’s all just tinkering with materials to get the numbers down, there’s nothing genuinely new or sexy.
While I’m at it I’m going to go back to my MSR Titan Kettle for a bit, well, once I’ve insulated the handles, and see if I notice any difference. At 40g less that my regular Optimus Terra Solo pot I won’t feel any weight difference, but the shape might let me cram more stuff in there, so we’ll see about that.

I’ve got a huge long titanium spoon that’s become a regular (it’s currently down at Trail HQ getting its photies took) that totally avoids “camp sauce finger” when eating from a bag, so sporks are oot for the timebeing. It’s a bugger that I can’t stow it in amongst my cook kit, but hey, you can’t have it all.

Also after my water bottle contents reaching undrinkably high temperatures recently due to the sun’s extra-super shinyness, I have installed US military coloured (ie sand, are there any wars in temperate regions these days?) neoprene sleeves upon my Camelbak 750ml Better Bottles.
I look foward to drinking merely luke-warm Nuun in the days to come.

14 thoughts on “Coffee and a Danish please”

  1. I’m afraid my Camelbak bottle only gets to go to the gym these days – ideal for Nuun on the exercise bike. My Source bladder generally stays pretty cool, even on the hottest of days, like today :-)

  2. The boy used the Markill/Titan kettle combo’ a couple of weeks ago. It’s a great wee stove, right enough. Actually, it’s Matt Swaines and I’ve just remembered I promised him a photie. Next time.

    Furryboots did you get that Better Bottle sleeve btw? I think I need one :o)

  3. Too keen, that’s ma trouble :o) My Better Bottle’s the 500ml version so if I want a sleeve, I’ll need to buy the 750ml. Oh, the trauma.

  4. ‘Camp Sauce Finger’ was precisely the reason my Optimus folding spork got subbed off and replaced by the Peter Crouch-esque Sea-to-Summit long handled spoon. The proper spoon shape is also better at scraping every last calorie outta the plastic bags. And I saved a whopping 5 grams…

  5. You know, in some places they’d be setting fireworks for that 5g :o)
    You’re right, the plain spoon is the way forward.

  6. The titanium spork has another disadvantage (at least with my incompetance).

    (1)Start with nice folding titanium spork.
    (2) Use to mix up dehydrated meal with hot water in pouch – making sure to get it mixed in the corners.
    (3) Roll up the top of the pouch, shake well and leave to rehydrate
    (4) Feel the near boiling soupy mess spray out of the pouch through the small hole pierced by the spork

    It was some sort of cheese sauce and a real pain to get off the inside of my laserlite and everywhere else it sprayed.

    The lessons are obvious.

  7. I think it’s the only one of the Markill range Vaude have kept, there used to be a bunch of neat wee stoves.

    I have something whacky on it’s way from the states as well…

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