Coals to Newcastle

Where does time go to? There was the first thing, then the next thing, then the thing after that. That’s what did it. Joycee’s birthday, our tenth anniversary and now I’m in Newcastle to see Rammstein. All good.
Just a thought if anyone’s passing WH Smith at lunchtime, the current Trail mag has a feature in it where Phoebe and I walked from Rannoch Station to Spean Bridge via the bothy at Stob Ban at the tail end of last winter. It was a cracking trip, full of stuff, originally supposed to be a winter mountain lightweight piece, but kinda morphed into what’s in the mag which was great as I got to do something different. I’ll do a follow up post on the trip later on.
Anyway, I’ll catch up with stuff at the weekend. Probably. Possibly?

3 thoughts on “Coals to Newcastle”

  1. My Trail sub was waiting for me when I got home from our wee testing weekend, and I read the piece about Rannoch. Nice to see an interesting low level walk. The wee gear piece was good, particularly the bit about your reasoning for putting stuff in the bag as well as taking stuff out. Also interesting that you bothied with no sleeping bag. Were you really ‘a bit cold’ or is that a bit of anti-lightist propoganda?

    I did notice some familiar grinning fella on the used and abused page too…

  2. Ah you can’t beat a night out in the Toon. Shame you’re in the Arena, I rather fear from the look of recent visits that the great small venues that I used to frequent in the 90s are now shut. Never mind – its still live music!
    As to Trail you’ve spiked my curiousity enough to take a look ;-)

  3. The Rannoch walk is a cracker and definitely recommended. I’d do it again no problem, just not get lost in the forest on day 2 this time.
    There was some debate about sleeping stuff, would I take my down trousers and jacket or a 345g bag? Doesn’t matter, I was on an OMM Duomat on a wooden platform getting spinal damage all night…

    Successfully dodged and answer there I think.

    Rammstein were awesome, incredible, astonishing. Got in at 0330 and am burst, totally worth it.
    I used to go to the old City Hall a lot, that was a great venue, but the Arena was apleasant surprise, way better than our Armadillo or SECC with a great sound, good size and facilities.

    Now a sleep. After which grammar may return.

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