Clach na Briton

We went here because Tom Weir told us to. Not directly, but after watching the DVD where he climbs up to it from the foot of Glen Falloch and banters away with such joyful enthusiasm we realised the hundreds of times we’d been by it on the road and never even seen it.

So off we went to find it the next night. It’s not far from the road at all, it’s pretty big too as you’ll see from the photie with one of us in shot.

Up here you can get to Beinn Dubhchraig as well, trackless and quiet. But it was getting late so we only went a little way up the Fionn Ghleann and followed the Allt back to the road and the carpark at the Falls of Falloch. The falls were very watery indeed with snowmelt.

Clach na Briton is the meeting point for the ancient kingdoms of Scotland. What mighty meetings have there been at that spot, now lost in time.

“Ahm gonnae malky yer broch, if youse blue paintit bams don’t get yer coos aff ma hill”, “Aye Alpin, tell ‘im”

I’m not giving youse a grid ref for it, the clues are all there. It’s worth a wee wander for sure.

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