Christmas Eve

I was 40 yesterday, and it kind of came and went uneventfully. Dinner at the folks, Holly running around crazy, and later on, some sitting on chairs in front of the telly. That works for me.
Christmas Eve is always an odd one for me, a day inbetween, a personal 29th of February when it’s not a leap year, a Bermuda Triangle of time; it’s getting in the door, taking your shoes off and realising that you’ve left your phone in the motor.
It’s also a lot of fun as Holly is grabbing tinsel and pointing at fairy lights, holding Christmas cards aloft like a mighty prize while blissfully unaware of the ordeal to come tomorrow when she has her first proper visit from Santa.
I’m lucky that my positives outgun my negatives. This Christmas more than most, anybody who has worries or troubles, is facing difficulties, is alone, or just feels alone, I wish you well.

21 thoughts on “Christmas Eve”

  1. And a Happy Xmas to you to young man. The worst I have to complain about is a stinking head cold the developed last night. I’m sure I’ll be delightful company tomorrow. :)

    You getting dressed up in a Haglofs santa suit tomorrow morning?

  2. Charcoal and yellow Santa? There’s a thought!
    I’ll be coughing my way though my dinner tomorrow as well, don’t care though, I can’t wait :o)

  3. Happy birthday , happy Xmas and all the best for the new year.

    40 ouch! I have still not got over turning 40 last yr

  4. I too have the rotten head cold with a matching tickly cough :o(

    I’d like to echo the sentiments PTC mention’s at the end of his last paragraph and wish everyone a Merry Xmas.

  5. Ach 40 is a breeze, I swear it only took me 19 years to get here :o)

    I think most of the country will be off sick in January with all these bugs going around.

    Stay well folks.

  6. Aye I’ve had a head cold all week, seemed better today so headed out for a wee cross country run – was great for a bit but then had to stop and almost blacked out – nearly paid the price for rushing to get back out too soon.

    Happy Christmas all

  7. Best is yet to come.
    There’s a sentiment to take into the new year right enough.
    Hey Del, take it easy!

    Merry Christmas everybody.

  8. Hey – Happy Birthday and Christmas!

    Your blog has been my *required* reading for 2008 for a bit of common sense in all things.

    As a fellow Capricorn (not that I believe in that s&^t but it makes *me* feel better…), life definitely gets better as we get older and apparently begins at 40! Hey hey!!!


    Paul FS

  9. Cheers folks :o)

    Ades, that Sabre is the military version of the Hot Earth. They made a Sabre version of the Alpiniste 60+15 as well as a few other models.
    Great packs, but all heavier than the regular versions.

    Talking of Karrimor, I’ve got an interesting (depending on your point of view) thing coming up soon about 60’s Karrimor kit.
    There’s a huge backlog of blog stuff…

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