Chocolate Fish Taranaki T-Shirt, Fly-Front Boxers and Bunnet

All that’s missing in that photie below is the grin…

Chocolate Fish’s Taranaki merino has been standard kit on a bunch of trips the last couple of years, and just in for test are some summer alternatives.
The blue Taranaki T-Shirt has been on the last couple of trips, it’s a cheery colour and the fabric is well proven to me already, a good all-conditions weight at 190gsm and a reliable performer. The cut is nice and long on the body, the neck is just right, neither a strangler nor a floppy horror where my chest hair would creep over the top. The sleeves are the same, not flared like an overpriced concert t-shirt or cling-film tight like a cycling jersey.
I’m already quite at home in it, it’s been worn and washed a few times and it’ll be a common sight on here over the summer.
The Taranaki Boxers are old friends, but the fly fronted version adds a new dimension of convenience to personal maintenance. The long legs are a winner, and the wide, soft waistband is sweaty-belly friendly. 
The bunnet is the Temata 260 Beanie, a thicker fabric than the Taranaki Beanie, but following the same four-panel construction with a double thickness ear band. The fit is a little looser as well, so I can get away with wearing this one casually as well as on the trail.

Updates as we go.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Fish Taranaki T-Shirt, Fly-Front Boxers and Bunnet”

  1. OMG somebody shrunk Petesy!

    Oh well, at least he can carry a lighter tent now…

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