Chocolate Fish sneaky peak

I was out in a variety of new stuff the other day, including a couple of test samples of upcoming merino gear from Chocolate Fish that have just arrived.
Unseen above is the Taranaki Singlet, a simple vest with a long body. This winter has been cold, and this little bit of extra insulation is just enough to keep me in the comfort zone. I didn’t even think of a vest as a first layer, it was Amanda at Chocolate Fish that flagged it up, and it’s a bloody good idea. Worth a thought if you’re on the limit of your regular layers and don’t want to put your insulation on when you’re on the move. 
The top layer above (and below left) is a prototype “TeMata” zip-neck midlayer in 260gsm fine merino. It has the same cut as the Taranaki zip neck and layers well over it.

On my napper there is a Tuara, also in 260gsm fine merino. It’s a tube of fabric that folds into a variety of shapes, my favoutire being the pirate (as seen) and the stop-my-face-freezing neck gaiter and face mask combo.

I must say it was all very pleasant to wear. The TeMata is a no frills pullover, and because it’s merino it has the odd ability to absorb wind and keep your temperature constant that synthetic doesn’t, and all the time I was out I didn’t need something over the top despite the temperatures sitting in the negative accompanied by light winds.
Multiple merino layers feel good, very natural. Powerstretch is the closest synthetic equivalent I think.

I’ll come back to these in a bit and see how they’ve done, and I’ll also have the inside story on how a New Zealand highland sheep got to be wrapped around my head with a label on it.

8 thoughts on “Chocolate Fish sneaky peak”

  1. Got to agree. Moved away from Smelly-Hellys and Montane Oryx or 100Fleece as my base and mid combo, to a Finisterre merino long-t and icebreaker 260 summit top, and there a magic combo, like you say surprisingly breeze-proof and so warm for how thin a layer they seem.

  2. I really like the look of TeMata – I think that it should qualify as being the base/mid layer that I’ve been looking for (base layer for static use under a Buffalo windshirt in winter and static use under a Paramo trail shirt in spring / autumn).

    The Tuara looks fantastic – a Buff on steroids I reckon. I love Buffs and the fact that Chocolate Fish are making a similar product but in Merino gets my vote (and wallet) ready : )

  3. Me I’m looking forwards to jumpers that fit :)

    Apparently there are some polo neck base layers – with collars and all – coming sometime, short sleeved soonish, long sleeved in autumnish. Slightly shamelessly aimed at casual wear perhaps but that doesn’t stop me wanting some. Merino with a suit and tie?!

  4. The TeMata is a nice bit of kit, I’ve worn it a lot since I did this first look.
    The large is just right as a close cut midlayer, I think if I was using as and heavyweight base layer I would get a medium so it was skin tight, it should work well for that.
    I see the production version colours are up on the Chocolate Fish site, I like the look of the red and grey baseball jersey style.

    Merino should be worn at all times, with a suit, overalls or whatever, it’s all good :o)

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