Chocolate Fish Merinosport Socks

I got these Merinosport socks in from Chocolate Fish last year, used them a few times and then forgot about them when winter arrived and I was all big socks and longjons. However, they popped back up when I was getting my summer gear to the top of the pile and I’ve hardly had them off my feet since.

They’re  light, thinnish ankle socks, with an asymetric design (they’re labeled left and right on the toes). This L/R thing makes sense on a lighter sock and a few manufacturers have gone down this route. A thick sock will settle into a foot shape, but a thin one kinda fits or not, and making them specific for each foot enhances fit and performace no end.
There’s enough cushioning where you need it for long days, and the thinner “scooped out” fabric areas help to keep you cool and help to dry out the socks faster when you’ve been bog hopping.
The ankle cuffs stay up, keeps the sock secure in place and also, they’re keeping the crap out which is especially handy on the bike.
They’re wearing well, there’s an expectation that merino socks self destruct, but I never seem to have an issue. Maybe it’s all the different footwear I use, lighter footwear, not wearing stiff boots that saw through socks?
Whatever, these are great for the bike as seen below and equally at home in trail shoes as well.
A merino sock is a welcome sock in a tent too remember.

Nice wee bit of kit, recommended.

7 thoughts on “Chocolate Fish Merinosport Socks”

  1. Yeah these socks are nice, used them last year for mountain biking. Found they go stiff though, with continual mud baths and washing them, that is my main criticism of merino socks, my Patagonia merino mountaineering socks suffer the same issue.

  2. Some of my wool socks seem to go cardboardy and others don’t, it’s not even a brand thing. Like you say, it’ll be the kind of treament they get.

  3. The only merino ones I’ve got are the big heavy winter bridgedales and the smartwool liners I have for in my big winter boots.

    I’m still liking the X sock airforce ones the rest of the year round.

  4. They are good under the GTX socks, that’s what I was using them with last year when I was on foot…I should take better notes.
    And as BBF has just reminded me I need to update on the X-socks too…Ach!

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