Cheery Graveyard

Just because I’m a godless barbarian doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate this kind of stuff. I work in churches a lot and I like the people, the buildings and the peace and quite to get on with the job. Long may these places continue to serve the community in whatever way they can.

I was glad of the camera today, the trees are in their last flourish here and the light was clear and bright, it was even warm on the skin. What a day to be tantalisingly close to the hills.

Graveyards aren’t spooky or depressing, they’re actually full of love. Every stone was erected and etched with love for the departed below. Aye there’s some guilt and crossed fingers in the mix as well, but we’ll gloss over that for the sake of keeping the mood light.

Came home to an interesting request. Looks like I’ll be making a rare trip south to spend a night in a tent. Must remember to stock up on Clydesdale Bank banknotes.

2 thoughts on “Cheery Graveyard”

  1. Grand photos. Graveyards can be great places… not least for photography but also just to rummage around and get sense of the stories.

    Whereabouts south?

  2. Always liked graveyards, always enough to get a wee vision of history. Times were hard if your year started in a 1.

    I’m heading really south for something a bit wacky it looks like, I’ll know more in a week or so and I’ll spill the beans.
    Don’t want to give it away, not do it and look stupid. Again.

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