I was doing the photies for a bunch of gear first looks, white roll across the living room, gear piled high. I was supposed to be elsewhere doing elsestuff but circumstances intervened, so admin is always a good thing to unbutton and adjust when left alone.
However, the girls came back and Holly climbed over the kit and sat on the paper and said “Cheeeeeese!” As I type, the roll has been cut and we have drawn round Holly on the 7-foot long bit that was left on the floor, and she’s now colouring herself in with glitter, felt tips, crepe paper and a Thomas the Tank Engine balloon. Aye, not so bad being stuck here.
So, I’m saying a first-look a day until I’ve caught up. We’ll see.

11 thoughts on “Cheeeeeese!””

  1. That’s a cracking portrait Pete, hard pushed to do better if you put money down,lovely stuff,wall hanger.

    Glitter and crepe hits the mark every time.

  2. She’s finally sleeping now, although if I turn off Queens Greatest Hits I bet she’ll wake up again.

    I loved the photie as well, it captured her cheekiness and I just had to put it on here. She’s such a joy is my girl :o)

  3. Double aaaaaw! May she always be her Daddy’s girl. Won’t be long before she’s dragging you out up the mountains! And as Metric Kate says, the purple thing is definitely going on here.

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