Chapeau de sorcière

Long time since I’ve done a 12 hour shift on a Saturday. But it was a quick day, cuppas were few and activity was constant leaving me now tired but surprisingly content.
As much as I piss and moan about not getting to the hills right now, I love what I do and in these tough times I’m glad to be doing it.
By afternoon the factory was empty and dark but for the three of us, but never quiet. A factory is like a big animal, it breathes, it hums to itself, it twitches and even shuffles its feet.
After hours in such places always makes me smile, churches too. I do a lot of maintenance in churches as we have a knack of fixing 100 year old pipework and wandering about in a huge dark church with streetlight illuminating the stained glass windows as you try to ignore the creaks and rather human sounding sighs from the corner is a heart-quickening experience.
Anyway, sleep is claiming me piece by piece, so I’d b

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