I like some change, you know, new stuff. But not all change, or maybe it’s just the speed that it travels? Change takes the corners and junctions way too fast, and as you’re rattling around loose in the back seat like a dog trying to stay on its feet, you don’t get a much of a chance to keep your bearings. And then you get all surprised when you look out the window once you’re back on the straight, and the your first thought is “How the hell did I get here?”.

It’s been like that this week. I’m getting motion sickness.

8 thoughts on “Change”

  1. Aye, I know that feeling. I’ve been sea-sick so long I can’t remember what it’s like when the deck doesn’t lurch every ten seconds. But in the words of Abraham Lincoln, “This too will pass”. And in the meantime, there’s always the mountains.. Hang in there.

  2. You are up and about then. Good to see it. I like the photo. I wonder if one day you will take a bad picture. On a serious note change is unavoidable. You look back some times and wonder if it was good. But to be honest I like change. Takes me forward to places I never thought I would go. My view is welcome it and learn.

  3. Change…….its not always such a bad thing, its just the start of a new adventure! Its all change here as well….newly single, new job, new car…theres still more to come.

    hopefully it’ll be new trekking poles, new ice axe, 2 new tents i’ve got my eye on, new tarp, new crampons etc etc soon.

  4. Some days change is exiting and full of new possibilities, Other times its frustrating and downright confusing.
    A bit manic at times but better than er….no change.
    Loose change is mostly irritating but sometimes useful.

    Good to see you back on your feet.

  5. It must depend on the mood as well, if change is sought or imposed upon you.

    It’s good to be back on my feet right enough.

    Here, it looks as if BBF there has lots to tell the rest of the class ?!

  6. “The only constant is change” – at least that’s the excuse the mob I work for use to re-organize every 6 months.

    Anyway, think how dull your life would be without it – you’d still be lugging that 70L pack around carrying the weight of 2 small children on your back for a days hike.

    A change is as good as a rest – well you’ve had your rest, now you can get back to changing the lives of us lesser mortals with your informed opinion, wry wit and boundless enthusiasm for life, the outdoors and everything.
    (gosh – was that a full para of unabashed praise with not a hint of sarcasm?)

  7. Ach :o)

    It’s funny what you say about enthusiasm. This time off stuff has just given me a backlog of stuff to get through that I’m all excited about.
    It’s just it’s all going to be in cooler weather than planned…

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