9 thoughts on “Caught in the middle”

  1. Great wee trip. I was in the seldom visited hills of Glenelg, that’s Beinn Sgritheall with the sun behind it in the first wee film.
    Write-up over the next couple of days.

  2. Talking of changeable weather – I just ordered one of those Berghaus Mt Asgard Hybrid jackets, it will be interesting to see how it gets on in Scotlandshire.

  3. Saw the samples of those last year, was it last year I was at their HQ? Interesting bit of kit, I like when folk mix up the format a bit.

  4. Is that Creag bealach na unpronouncable?

    A very nice part of the world. ‘King’ Sgritheall from the North is a mighty fine walk up a mighty fine hill as well – infinitely better than the hellish tourist route.

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