Capturing the moment

It’s dark. The rain is incessant as the wind throws it against the window with unlimited zeal.
I’ve been inside all day and the clock has ticked slowly. Nature has a way of making you endure the bad times by dragging them out and then making the good times flash by in a memory stretching blur.
It’s just no’ right that.

12 thoughts on “Capturing the moment”

  1. That’s why you take the photos, mate – dig them out & have a gander and those good times just coming flooding back

  2. The elasticity of time played another trick on me. I cut my planned trip way short of my goal today, heading home an hour early because I’d forgotten to put my hiking watch back an hour…..

  3. I used to work on an excavation in Italy every September. The clocks go back in Italy in September so we got an extra hour. Then we’d come back to Britain and the clocks would go back in October, so we’d get another extra hour. By careful timing of your travelling, you can extend your lifetime ;-)

  4. A friend of mine emigrated to Western Australia a couple of years ago and they are only just piloting changing the clocks for the first time this year and then it’s going to a ballot so see if they want to keep it – apparently a lot of farmers are against it. Something about the sheep wont know the difference.

  5. I have a deep empathy for such creatures. After all, on a windswept hillside we smell very similar.
    My wooliness is somewhat posher right enough…

  6. More goat than sheep then? Hmm, neither is a good analogy.
    Why can’t lions bear wool? Can you imagine lion fur base layers. Alright!
    I suppose a woolly lion would just look like a really aggressive sheep. That’s not so good.

    Yeti, that’s what we need. Yeti farms and we can knit all sorts of stuff using the silky hairs from their fine hairy backs. They’d be glad of the change from intermittently surprising hikers.

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