Can you tell what it is yet?

Glasgow is great for museums on a wet holiday fortnight, well, until the current bunch of curators who have no understanding of or empathy for the city or it’s history finally ruin every single one of them anyway. How dumbing down museums to the level of the instruction pamphlet that accompanies the toy in a McDonalds Happy Meal helps lift the population to better level of cultural awareness and understanding I don’t know.

Anyway, the People’s Palace was great, in fact the staff are brilliant in there and Kelvingrove has survived it’s revamp to a tolerable degree. Holly loves it as it’s full of stuff and has interactivity in spades. Above she’s hastily (that’s speed blur) recreating the painting with a bunch of foam buildings before shooting off to play in the Sleeping Beauty dressing up corner in the next gallery along.

Dad however was strangely drawn to one of the foam buildings. I swear it was whispering to me…

It said Don’t go to Beanscene across the road, the tables are manky and your cuppa will… be…. cold…. so cooooolllddddd….

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