Can you sing it for me?

I really wanted to go out on the bike this week but energy and time weren’t quite as plentiful as I needed. Next week. Aye, next week.

However, the crags I can theoretically tackle at an easier pace. However as I wheezed up the giant’s staircase to try and catch the last of the light I did think that the bike would have been easier.

It was lovely though. A cool breeze, some colour in the sky as the sun went down somewhere around Arran by the looks of it and I sat with a wee flask as Ben Lomond caught a cloud full of rain and held onto it. Good job big yin.

I did a long loop and returned in darkness happily singing out loud. I had the whole place to myself, kinda like the old days.

Also, there is test kit in that photie below. Unusual brands on my usual trails. Going to be a lot of that.

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